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Deans Pool Tips Perfecting Your Stroke

By • Feb 25th, 2019 • Category: Billiard Tips, Uncategorized

Dean shows us some easy exercises to help your stroke…DVD Now available go to

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  1. Practice your stroke, be sure to chalk up before each shot, and remember you don’t have to kill the cue ball, just create enough spin to change it’s direction and enough speed to reach your target. good luck, this shot requires lots of practice, have fun with this shot.

  2. First sorry for getting back to you so late, been out of town. Practice hitting the cue ball at different speeds, mark a spot on the table and land on it, do this at different speeds and distance, good luck

  3. Your welcome


  4. thanks you dirty pool player… keep it straight

  5. Don’t do it.. if you really want to have a real game of pool play on a non-wobbly table without the holes… lol
    Good Luck

  6. thanks again, just going through all of my comments and yours reminds me of why I’m doing this… Take Care –
    Happy New Year

  7. How did I know that I wouldn’t have to scroll down very far to find an immature jackass making inuendo about the bottle?

  8. dean has a great stroke

  9. thanks for posting

  10. thats what she said

  11. lol, what a perv…

  12. ….thats what she said

  13. hahaha suggestive content from 2 minutes on… LOL

  14. hey dean i was wonder how you “masse” or curve the cue ball around an obstructing ball

  15. He kinda moves the cue a little in the first exercise

  16. dean
    i have been playing pool since i was 6 and im 13.
    i learnt on a little pool table by the way.
    how can i get better on my shots and knowing were to hit the ball and how hard to hit the ball?

    is there anything you could do to no how hard you have to hit the ball?

  17. Lol, 1:57 thats how he keeps his stroke in line.

    dirty pool player.

  18. but what happens if you’re playing on a wobbly table, or one with holes in it

  19. This is exactly why we become inconsistant, we think too much. Lock in to what works right down to how you stand, stroke, eye movement etc…be consistant and practice and try not to out think yourself, relax and do what works, shoot with confidence, never second guess yourself when executing a shot.
    Sounds easy but it’s not, give it a try and get back, like to know how your doing.
    Dean “Dean’s Pool Tips”

  20. Hey, you know I’ve been playing for awhile too, and I also run into ruts that I cant seem to get out of. It seems like my head is getting in the way and Im just not shooting pool and thinking about the rut too much, maybe try to just forget about the rut and just shoot.

  21. thanks again for the stroke help!

  22. Dean I’ve been playinG pool for almost 4 yrs and I always seem to have these weird stages where I completely lose accuracy and aim even though I haven’t given up on it.I can go for weeks until I regain the skills to play pool perfectly or close to perfect.I would really appreciate it if you could explain to me why this is happening and what I can do to prevent this.Thanks.

  23. hi dean thanks for your videos they are really great i learned alot from your videos.

  24. that bottle action was pretty hot!

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