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Dean shows us how important the mental game of pool is. DVD now available. Go to

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  1. Yes, but you can do a lot in 30 seconds, if you are not distracted and are focused, exactly my point.

    If you are in the zone, you don’t need much time between shots.


  2. you are aware that in the top competion you only have 30 second to make your first shot after the cue ball stops moving on your opponents shot so u dont realy have much time to walk around the tabe to get your focus back if u r really concentrating nothing should be able to get u off your game but contact

  3. I’d like to say yes, but it’s actually the reflection of a car going by…you’ve got a great eye! An editor by chance?

  4. was there a ghost at 41 seconds?

  5. Thanks Blackjack! I’m doing some updates this week on the site and will include you!
    Have a great day and thanks again!

  6. thats how we do!

  7. Lois,
    I have uploaded a few videos from my instructional clinic “Mental Game Mastery” – feel free to add those videos to your website if you’d like.
    Take care,

  8. Good Advice –


  9. I like to add a few things that may help. Before making a shot decide what you want to do first … alot of people miss easy shots because they didn’t fully commit the shot and where they wanted the cue ball be for the next shot. Try to think 3 balls ahead … create angles for 2 shots ahead … being too straight on sucks unless it’s the last ball to shoot. Also … if distracted … get up and walk to the opposite side of shot … it allows time to forget about what distracted you. Then Commit

  10. Yes, this works very well for me, I sometimes neglect this rule when in a hurry, pool is a very patient sport unless your playint “Speed Pool”.

    Good Luck in your game

  11. Thanks a lot for the tips. I’m sort of a beginner pool player, and yes, the shot visualisation tip really helps. Before, i usually followed my instincts for predicting where will the white ball end up at, but with visualising it’s much more efficient!

  12. You sound like to good player and yes distractions come easy when your not in the zone. Sometimes I’ll close my eyes and go through the shot in my head then execute the shot… might sound funny but it works.
    Thanks for writing and good luck with your game.

  13. Gd advice which is often overlooked. I’ve been allowing myself to get distracted too much lately. Been affecting my game and reputation.

  14. Thanks mate, been a while 🙂 keep in touch mate.

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