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Deno Andrews Interview Pregame – Efren Reyes, Austin Murphy

By • Feb 25th, 2019 • Category: Billiard Tips, Uncategorized

Deno Andrews Interview Pregame – Efren Reyes, Austin Murphy with Inside POOL Magazine and Vanessa de la Cuetara. See more at

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  1. how many drugs did this guy take. i was in the same tournament as austin in modesto and i ended up taking third, and the kid was out in the fourth round and i am just a year older then austin.

  2. I watched the game and I found out that Efren was not at his best according to the announcer (Mike Segel).But Efren was a very humble person and very forgiving.Noticed that his breaks are too soft to make way for Austin to make a run off.

  3. That guy is a god damned joke!! a child versus the greatest pool player that ever played the game. Efren was a lot better than that boy when he was seven…no offense kid

  4. Yeah, something tells me that if anyone had asked Deno if he wanted to bet on the match he would be alot less sure. I would guess that offered 2-1 odds he would still have balked. He knows as well as anyone else that the match was a joke and was going to be a blowout. What are ya supposed to say though when you are trying to promote the match. The IPT screwed up, a bunch of kids and fans of Austin spammed the voting and made the match a joke.

  5. your prediction was wrong……

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