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Dr. Cue – Lesson 36 – Foundation for Masse!!

By • Feb 25th, 2019 • Category: Uncategorized

Players have been focusing on masse shots for centuries! Masse mean to hammer and normally is magnetic to the fans of our sport when the cue is raised to elevations over 45 degrees. The foundation for this difficult technique is found in less dangerous cue movements with lower angles to the table playfield. Anyone wanting to learn the vertical masse technique is encouraged to start with simple aiming and stroke principles of the half masse. Curving around an object ball that has you half …

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  1. Nice video! I usually hit a little higher, will your next video talk about fine tuning the masse to improve control?

  2. Hey Apaleagues,

    I suggest you look at your own definition in the APA rule book and you will see that a masse is: (I will paraphrase)

    “any elevation of the butt of the cue while applying left or right english”

    If it is going to be 45 degrees (even according to Dr. Cue), I suggest that when the new rule book comes out, you change it.

    BTW, I still enjoy the lessons from Dr. Cue. They are very informative. Thanks for putting them out..

  3. that shot has saved my ass so many times

  4. I’ve been wondering how to do that 🙂

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