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Efren “Bata” Reyes – Stroke

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stroke analysis. Efren Reyes.

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  1. i think that this is from the only instructional video Efren ever made. It came out in Japan only.

  2. efren missed :50 i heard the ball bounced on the rail.i dont know i could be wrong

  3. Since when did having a long bridge been a bad thing? Oh, that’s right, never. Bad players have short bridges.

    Efren has one of the best strokes, period. Him and Deuel. It just looks odd from the side because he keeps his wrist AND grip loose, which gives it that pendulum swing to it. Take a look at Bustie’s stroke if you want an exaggerated version.

    This, by no means is a bad thing. In fact, quite the contrary; Francisco has one of the biggest breaks in pool and Parica, one of the smallest.

  4. As odd as it looks in this video it’s actually just a standard closed bridge, with the tip of his index finger touching the tip of his middle finger and he seems to have his thumb tucked in.

  5. Some shots it’s best to kinda throw it at the ball. Where I live I have one of the best draw shots around, if not THE best. And that’s kind of my little secret to a strong draw shot. I hold the stick loosly and sort of throw it at the bottom of the cue ball. The wood vibrations are different than if there’s a firm grip, and it snaps the cue ball better, giving it enough back spin to burn a hole in the carpet. I try to teach this to some of my friends, they don’t get it. For follow hold it firmer

  6. efren actually releases the cue from his hand almost loike he is thrwing it and his unique bridge keeps the cue on track . i was sitting with corey deuel down at derby city and that is how he was describing it to aaron czetli and me ! i thought it was cool hearing corey show so much respect about efrens stroke when in my opinion he has a better stroke then anyone in the game

  7. this is about the silliest comment I’ve every read about these two players.

  8. this is about the silliest comment I’ve every read about these two players.

  9. You’re equating stroke with fundamentals.
    Efren does not have the fundamentals of Jose Parica or Johnny Archer. Efren’s elbow is off-line. He moves his head on the final stroke. His bridge is very long.
    BUT, that tip goes thru the ball dead nuts. And he gets a ton of action on the cueball and is the best cueball positioner than anyone outside of Buddy Hall the last 30 yrs I think.
    Efren beat Earl in the Color Of Money. Nuff said.

  10. he has a bad stroke? i’d like to see your stroke. maybe you can stay down long enough for the ball to come back and fly in your face.

  11. i have watched that match fully at least 40 times! best learning tapes of all time(color of money hong kong) strickland is a great shotmaker, but suffers more on position than efren, causing him to have to make thoes tougher shots. reyes has the best (so called)stroke of alltime! the word stroke is a result. efren breaks all the so called stroke rules.

  12. You don’t need to use this bridge if you don’t feel good with it. The most important is to feel relaxed with your bridge…

  13. Just like in any other sport, the top players find many stance and stroke styles that work for them.

    I think, just as in any other sport, consistency is more important than slavish devotion to someone elses idea of what’s the perfect stance a stroke.

    One thing I found is that getting lower on the ball can be very helpful for making tough shots. I am not sure why, maybe it helps in keep the cue level.

  14. it takes time to get used to. just keep practicing it 😉

  15. How does he make that first bridge? I think I’d have to break all the joints in my middle finger to be able to do that.

  16. say, asbani911 ol’ buddy, since when has there EVER been a rule to move your body after the shot has been made? Is there a law that abides that “after the stroke has been launched that there should not be any movement”? NO! Never has been, never will be. So if you’re gonna criticize a stroke by any means necessary, it should be Hurricane Higgins, otherwise, cheerleader, zip that yap, shut your trap!

  17. asbani991, i DISAGREE ciente por ciento. Efren Reyes has better is not the best stroke than Earl Strickland. the latter’s stroke is a typical stroke of an an imparient, red head, arrogant, braggart who has been beaten by Reyes more times than he won against the Magician in all tournaments they squared off. I personally witnessed Efren play against Earl in 1996 Color of money in Hong Kong and I must tell you, Strickland is light years away in all aspects of the game.

  18. he doesn’t have the best stroke tbh, his stroke is bad. He always jump after shots often which will tell you that his stroke isnt SOLID, you wanna see a real stroke? A man who never misscue in his life, only 1 time in a break, He’s Earl strickland.

    even an interview with buddy hall who known earl for almost all of his life, eh said “I never seen earl misscue”

  19. Listen to that “thud” on the last shot, he missed it. hehe!! Efren is the man though.

  20. its like the perfect stroke, he hits the ball when the arm is in a 90° angle

  21. Cool video, now I can play like Efren. Or not.

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