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efren bata reyes

By • Feb 25th, 2019 • Category: Billiard Tips, Uncategorized

efren bata reyes greatest pool shot ever

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  1. Reyes isn’t nicknamed “the magician” for nothing.

  2. talo na…nanalo pa…hahahahha

  3. wtf this is the first time i seen strickland being a good sport

  4. that was a good shot but lucky he could shoot it ten more times and proabaly not make it once

  5. reyes is too good …. lol, @3:19 that guy at the bottom right of the screen is telling someone how tall strickland is ..

  6. krishretardo = low IQ

  7. weeeeeeehhhhhhhhhh……the best pool player ever…….

  8. its probably a fluke

  9. the greatest!!!!!!!!

  10. stfu gago ka

  11. oh…. my… god!!!

  12. efren is great mathimatician in GEOMETRY..he knows the distance and angle from cue to the subject ball in short period of time…billiard is a GEOMETRICAL GAME…..

  13. efren’s unmatched skill and big heart to execute the shot at the most crucial point of the match makes this truly the greatest shot in pool history.

  14. remember he has been a hell good 3cushion player

  15. pinoy pride

  16. I’m pretty sure he has encountered shots like this before, and when professional pool players practice they take shots that are close to impossible. preparing for the worst.

  17. im pretty sure he never even practiced that, he might of tried it in the pool halls when he was a kid… but those shots are not the ones you learn and practice.

    he is indeed the best pool player ever.

  18. most entertaining pool player!!!! & the best!

  19. 2 beautiful shots

  20. ang galing!!!he hit it pa talaga at the lest rounds and the game was tied . whoever that shot would’ve won the game and EFREN “BATA” REYES comes up with it!! AMAZING….great vid for the classics

  21. i have seen him then long time ago in person

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