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Efren Reyes at IPT Challenge

By • Feb 25th, 2019 • Category: Uncategorized

Efren Reyes at IPT Challenge with Inside POOL Magazine and Vanessa de la Cuetara. See more at

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  1. your right dude… hes a great player and im proud of that… dont worry he’s cool…

    faithbianca from phil…

  2. efren idol reyes!! great efren^_^

  3. i think Efren is one of the all-time-greats. no-one has the ability to kick-safe as he does. neither does anyone has the skill to play one pocket as Efren has. he is strong, no matter what the game is. also, he responded to the questions very well considering he does not know english very well.

    + im drunk, and im from Finland so forgive me my grammar. this to everyone: just play pool and be cool!

  4. Efren is THE MASTER of Table Billiards, his skill level at table billiards exceeds that
    of a PhD holder in ANY discipline. His English
    is best demonstrated by his cue ball.

    Alpha Beta

  5. Efren may not have finished high school but the
    man possesses a PhD in table billiards. Not many
    men will earn and deserve the title Master in
    any discipline like Efren does.

    Alpha Notcha

  6. he answered the questions very well in my opinion.

  7. who really cars if he didnt answer the questions properly, he is awsome, thats all it matters, he is philipino, so just leave him alone

  8. very well said Efren. mas magaling kapa kay Janina san miguel sa English to think that efren did not even finished highschool.

  9. it doesnt matter if he answered the question
    properly. the point is he makes more money
    to all you people saying bad things about him.

  10. He did not answer the questions properly. Anyways, he’s still the man!!!

  11. Efren’s the freakin man!! Woot!

  12. best player ever!!

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