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Efren Reyes’ Bank Off The Point

By • Feb 25th, 2019 • Category: Billiard Tips, Uncategorized

During the 2004 DCC 1P competition, Efren hit Billy Palmer with this shot. Who else thinks of banking the ball off the point of his opponent’s pocket?

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  1. Efron?….. Zack?

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  3. the reason for it is because he personally admits that 9-ball is not really his game

  4. Efron is great but Mosconi was the best. Check his world title wins.

  5. efren is the best player in pool history….the only flaw he has is his break otherwise he can win 9 ball tournaments consecutively no questions ask.i saw him one time doing a certain exhibition after breaking a set of nine ball he pocketed all the balls consecutively by banking it….judge that.

  6. well I’m in NYC and, as you know, it’s kinda fallen off the map as far as top money players go. One pocket is not as big a game here as the South or Chicago. Ginky(great), T. Robles(runnin local Predator tour). We get our share of road players here, Ignacio Chavez(the Mexican) was here last year as well as D. Orcullo(that guy is scary). T. Hohmann and Mika are in town from time to time. Mark ‘Spain’ Vidal is good. There is a Black player named Dave that was great one hole player 10-15 yrs, ago.

  7. He is a solid player!he grew up playing with JJ and James davis sr. and Jr. ,cornbread red,CJ wiley and other great TX player…his shot making is really good but his shap is?plays good for the cash tho!solid mental game!
    I seen alot of players when I was on the road with chohan!watch out for this kid name joey gray!he play real good one pocket and banks..
    not better than chohan but good!who is that top player in your state?

  8. Cliff Joyner? hummmm. It does’nt suprise me that Chohan is a great one pocket . I dunno, sounds like a close one. Alot of these money 9 ballers are changing the way one hole is played; more aggressive. Myself, I still have to ask for 8-5 + break. lol… Yeah, hard to bet against Chohan in any game(he’s a fighter). I’d at least put him over Gabe Owens, Danny Harriman,”Piggy” Banks, Larry Nevel(maybe).btw, do you know anything about this Sylver Ochoa? Is he that good?

  9. I would bet all my money on efren if they where playing for money all day!but..if Tony chohan and billy where ever to play for cash
    I would bet on Tony!there both my best friends.but I really think Chohan is the best one pocket player in the US.I know that sounds crazy but you got to see Chohan play!I also think he better than clif!what u think>?

  10. yeah, i agree. my buddies at the pool room were watching him practice. he was playin rotation. he ended up funny on the 6. he could’nt play it straight in the corner pocket so he called a bank. everyone said,”you can’t bank it, there is a cluster of balls in the way.” Reyes banked the 6 drawing the Q into the cluster, clearing a path for the 6 in the opposite corner. unfortunately, he hung the 6 but, whatta shot.

  11. Efren know every shot in the book!!lol..
    and then some!!!the bank he shot?! is out of this world!!!

  12. yeah, Billy Palmer is a great player, he can bank with anyone from Kentucky. Problem is, Efren knows that too.

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  14. My man Billy palmer is the best One pocket player in Cali!! but Efren is the king of one pocket! billy beat him the first match and it was hill-hill and the 2nd match efren killed him !billy took third,and efren won like always!lol

  15. it’s the hardest game you can play on a pool table. Trouble is it lasts FOREVER!!

  16. you got the general idea. its called 1 pocket. and if your breaking from the right corner it doesn’t mean that you get the opposite side pocket. corey duel breaks from one side and calls the same side pocket. because he uses a hard break with good positioning. pocket a ball. if u scratch, take one of your balls out. if you pocket the opponents ball in his pocket and u scratch on purpose…HIS ball comes out, and so does yours and he breaks from behind the line. you can’t jump.illegal shot

  17. 14.1, you are only leaving that ONE ball into position. Other than that you are for he most part free to pocket balls. If you get a bad leave on one, chances are you have another shot. With one pocket, you may only have ONE ball to pocket. On top of it you need to make the decision if it’s wise to pocket that ball vs play safe. Maybe even pocket an apponents ball in the interest of saving and easy run. The strategy is endless with one pocket.

  18. The chess of pool. I like that. Only I’d give that title to straight pool. Not easy running off 14 balls then leaving a good break ball to keep the run going. One pocket is fun, but if you can ever get a break out, game over.

  19. Object: Pocket 8 balls in your pocket. Rules: Look it up online they are too long to post. The general idea is just that, to pocket 8 balls into your own pocket. It’s the “chess match” of pool. The person who wins the break, will break from the opposite corner of his pocket ( break from left corner pocket, takes right corner and vise versa). For the most part you are either playing safe or pocketing a ball in your pocket, like most billiard sports.

  20. Hey! That fat niggga billy palmer! HAHAHA!

  21. whats the rules? or the object of the game?

  22. whats the rules? or the object of the game?

  23. One Pocket

  24. typical efren shot. Simply Superb. He’s either THE best or one of the best to play this game.

  25. what pool game was that?

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