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Efren Reyes, the world’s greatest pool player at his humble best

By • Feb 25th, 2019 • Category: Billiard Tips, Uncategorized

Presented by: Please SUBSCRIBE, RATE and COMMENT Billiard Club Network, in association with Accu-Stats Video productions is proud to present Efren Reyes, the world’s greatest pool player ever, as he plays virtually flowless 9-Ball while Mika Immonen sits defenseless and watches along side the standing-room-only crowd at the 7th Annual Derby City Classic.

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  1. efren, you lucky btard 😀

  2. They say standing room only but when they pan to the crowd there are open seats. =P

  3. Even more,for god’s sake that’s Mika Immonen at the other end of the table 😀

  4. When this guy is in the zone, the entire sport gets a new meaning.Despite the fluke he was shooting 1k till final rack…If only he was 10 years younger…Go Bata!!

  5. un unreal fluke…!

  6. 23:22 I thought he missed the four there LOLZ

  7. wow!the shot at 23:22 was unreal!

  8. Oh god. Both Danny DiLiberto AND Billy Incardona? Looks like this match might have to be watched on mute.

  9. the title kinda spoil it.. thanks for the video tho

  10. Agreed.
    I’m only at the 10 minute mark and already, I want to tell this guy to take his “therefore’s” and shove them up his tuchas.

  11. Efren’s shot @ 23.22, that’s why he’s called the magician!

    BClub- thx for vid, and don’t mind you doing some advertising, but when players are shooting could you please remove your logo from the overhead shots – before they shoot!! it’s really irritating trying to look thru that to see the shot!!

  12. He kept say so therefore…. so therefore… so therefore…. Ugh Shut up.

    He did get better near the end though.

  13. The one commentator was pissing me off, he was talking way too much.

    The other commentator I like a lot

  14. That was godliness in human form.

  15. Great add! Keep it up!

  16. LOL at Efren’s wrap.
    Looks like ordinary tape over that wood.

  17. Hell of a match….thanks guys!

  18. Can someone explain what was that 😀

  19. For me Efren Reyes is the best because of his enormous knowledge about pool

  20. Efren = looks like he is 60 but shoots like he is 20. Amazing!

  21. poor mika 😀

  22. nice video,thanks billiard club

  23. I told my lovely wife that I ve got headache just because I saw what you uploaded BCn. Thanks for all the work you put for our plesuare. Bart.

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