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Efren Reyes v Shannon Daulton One Pocket Galveston World Classic

By • Feb 25th, 2019 • Category: Uncategorized

Efren Reyes v Shannon Daulton One Pocket Galveston World Classic. Captured Live on Ustream at … pool billiards pro tournament match “Efren Reyes” “Shannon Daulton” “One Pocket” “Galveston World Classic”

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  1. Ceasar Romales is Efren Reyes’ road name dude… it is Romales

  2. pagulayan and parica was the only good one hole vid i could locate until now. This is good stuff 🙂

  3. too

  4. 1st time to see 2 hours video in youtube

  5. Regarding the thing about the 3 ball and the commentators thinking the score was wrong… Efren owed a ball… When he pocketed the 3 ball, he spotted the 7 ball. No big deal. So… Daulton moved the 3 ball to his side and the score is correct.

  6. Lol Cesar Romales??? Lol MORALES ya mean haha. Good stuff

  7. Congrats EFren Reyes for being the champion of this year’s One Pocket Galveston Classic.

  8. sound is not matched! i heard reactions before i saw the shot! good match tho

  9. efren played so bad in this match…
    it was too bad

  10. Oh yeah One pocket with efren and Daulton, that can’t get any better!
    Thz IPm!

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