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Efren reyes vs. Tony Crosby part 2

By • Feb 25th, 2019 • Category: Billiard Tips, Uncategorized

Part 2 of game where reyes missed the winning shot. Enjoy!

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  1. OK people first of all we all have our days when we need to step it up more than usual because everything is not clicking and even Efren has those days( missing the 9 ball, btw not trying to put it in the side, shows how little you know about pool and proffesionals) but you can’t talk shit about tony he is a great pool player and a class act so all of you who get on the efren and the stricklands band wagon learn to respect other players.

  2. tony crosby sucks…he thinks he can beat efren? hahahaha he better be go home and fuck his student taznaravane ….. efren can beat crosby anytime…..

  3. it was hill hill… no one takes that big of a chance to “show off” when your hill hill… idiot

  4. thats a part of playing professional pool.. thats not an excuse

  5. efren is not only a great pool player.. he’s also an entertainer.. he wanted to pocket the 9 on the side.. had seen him made such shots.. “The Magician”

  6. The referee should have tried MUCH harder to quiet the crowd. It sounded like a goddamn zoo every time one of them shot.

  7. I think Efren was nervous….

  8. dude…. other guy couldnt even play… he got huge mistakes…. efren make on purpose… that was an easy shot…


  9. i doubt he missed it on purpose..

  10. if u really think that efren miss that on purpose your a fucking shows how much you know about pool and about any pro pool player..tony crosby deserved that match anyway..he is a great pool player and my quit trying to believe that efren missed that ball on purpose

  11. he did it on purpose not to put the 9 in the corner pocket but in the middle pocket instead to give the audience a great show. Unfortunately, he didn’t make it.. Efren still the best.!!!

  12. this is the world championships where these players came here for one reason and that was to win and beat the others. Why on earth would they throw a game. thanks for showing that you know shit about fuck my man

  13. if you think its fixed thats bullshit… no matter how good you get, you still have nerves, and when your nervous your muscles tense up.. the reason why he stood up in his backswing is because of anticipation… didn’t you see him rubbing his chest when he made a shot that was sketchy? its because he was anticipating the shot (obviously) but just to make my point… give credit where credit is due… if efren reyes didn’t want to win this match he wouldn’t have gone up the hill with tony

  14. ung itp meron silang problema sa pera kaya hindi pa nabibigay sa kanya un price nya siguro hindi kumita ung ads nila kaya hayun hind sila na ka bayad

  15. talaga?? hindi ko alam yun ah!!
    nakita ko sa video, hawak na nya yung $500,000….pinapamaypay pa nga nya yung pera e…
    anyway, anong event yon??

  16. ehh hindi pa nga nabibigay sa kanya ung premyo nya ehhhh!!!

  17. wow… it is hard to believe reyes didnt do that on purpose for some reason. I think it was fixed, he stood up in his back swing.

  18. hahaha… funny professional game!! players having mental lapses 1 after the other.. tnx 4 the upload!

  19. damn crazy ass shit!

  20. I dont believe that the magician did not care about losing that match! As a matter of fact, prize money is not an issue when it comes to professionals. Whether it is $1,000,000 or $1 , the pro will still play his best because it has to do with his character.

  21. Shows you no matter how great a man is, he is still human.

  22. I believe Efren doesn’t mind losing this world pool championship in the Philippines because he already became champion in IPT twice….which he recieve $200,000 from IPT King of the Hill and $500,000 from another IPT match in Nevada…think about the total money he already recieve… it is much bigger in this match in which the champion only recieve the total of $100,000

  23. Tony Crosti the clown win

  24. I have never seen the magician missing such an important shot. Nevertheless he is still the best player in the world.

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