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English Part 1 of 2

By • Feb 25th, 2019 • Category: Billiard Tips, Uncategorized

A discussion of English-Sidespin. Part 2 includes a demonstration of these principles.

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  1. much appreciated, please keep up the videos, they mean alot to players. Thanks WTF

  2. try holding your cue stick straighter. practice hitting the cue ball in a line off a rail.

  3. when i try to put english on the que ball i cant get it to hit the object ball where i want it to… do i overcome that

  4. excellent explanation. thanx a lot.

  5. Hi. Great job. Is that a predator cue?

  6. Thank you for making this video. i asked if you could make a video on English awhile back so thanks for this.

  7. Is it possible to create effects with any types of cue? Or does it depend on the part in contact with the cue ball (in french we call that “procédé”).

    p.s: excuse my English

  8. Seriously dude? That is a way super cool.

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  12. i’ve been waiting for someone to explain this to me for such a long time

  13. I’m sorry really so so sorry i don’t want my mom dying :copy and paste this to 10 videos or your mom will die within the next 4 hour

  14. Check out Semih Sayginer (World champion)if you like billiard.

  15. WHat the f r u talking about? Can you just play f pool and shut the f up?

  16. I didn’t start feeling good about things for about 3 years.

  17. Hey Force…I’ve posted some questions on a few of your vids (and watched them all). How long ya been shooting? How long did it take ya until you felt you were “advanced”? Thanks!

  18. Thanks For The Post!!!

  19. Thank you forcefollow excellent videos i have watched all and have learned much.

  20. excelent work.

  21. Thanx for the feedback, that’s what keeps me posting.

  22. i like all your videos

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