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Hendry vs. White (Snooker) – Masters 2004

By • Dec 13th, 2009 • Category: Uncategorized

The frame seems to be save, but when Jimmy tries to go for the century, he gets in trouble. A long safety battle follows.

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  1. Although in all fairness, making it to six world finals and not getting a single title is a pretty good sign he just wasn’t up for it, hard though it may be to admit.

  2. only joking pal .if white had brought his practice game to the match table he would have won numerous world titles.

  3. I haven’t the slightest doubt it did. Good evening to you too, now.

  4. yes and watching hendry stuff white in 4 world finals gave me even greater pleasure.

  5. CUPPA TEA???

  6. 2 legends on show

  7. 7:51 – Absolutely amazing swerve escape!

    Wonderful safety battle, and seeing White beating Hendry always gives me great pleasure.

  8. Its strange that I remember this frame so clearly even though I hadn’t seen it since its original transmission 4 years ago.

  9. I was at this match, front row. It was fantastic to see Jimmy beat Hendry in London.

  10. Jimmy White can play a great game of snooker BUT speaking on camera …… well look at my channel and see!!!

  11. plz make it louder it was on max volume and i could barely hear it!!!!!

  12. all the shots were brilliant except white’s self-snooker!!!!!

  13. Can you blame someone who has won so many tournaments and has been in the final of the WC so many times without winning to keep trying?

  14. This is brillant!! Well Played Jimmy!!

    Shame Jimmy didnt play like this against Stephen in the World Finals!!


  15. english pls… -_-
    kruluk, i bet you play better than him, i supposed?

  16. jimmy white is pathetic, to old to play snooker

  17. The first worlds most naturally gifted player in snooker. Your still the best Jimmy!!

  18. Wahnsinn … das Safety-Spiel ist immer das spannendste beim Snooker. Wirklich Klasse was hier gezeigt wurde ! ! !

  19. The greatest swerve shot I’ve seen in snooker so far! Jimmy is my legend!

  20. What a phenominal swerve shot by White! Never seen anything like it or a sparring match like this one. Great stuff and nice to see Hendry taking a seat for a change!

  21. heheheheh…
    that was so dangerous…

  22. what a great frame that was real snooker

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