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Hitman:BM-A New Life Pro SA ( OS ” Inside Pool Accident 1″ )

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A New Life Mission Pro SA ( Only Suit ” Inside Pool Accident ” Series No.1 – 02:43 mins )

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  1. Thanks for watching my first video.

  2. 0:20 NOT the blood door glitch again πŸ™ hehehe a fbi dude got hit by the car

  3. Yea, there are many surprised things in this mission. I agree your words totally!

  4. Haha I Kind of Figured it was you have improved alot from here

  5. Ha! Ha! It’s my first video. Thanks for giving good comment as usual!

  6. Awesome Job!

    Keep it Up!:)

  7. Yeah, it’s a about the gameplay.

  8. I don’t care about graphics all the time…

  9. Kind of looks like Codename 47 with low graphics lol

    I see you know what you’re doing though πŸ™‚

  10. You are welcome.

  11. very good you have learn me all!!!!!

  12. Many thanks for your support my friend.

  13. I just finished watching all your videos.
    Took a couple afternoons. Great work.

  14. Congratulations!! You got it!

  15. I DID IT!! I completed this level like this video! :D:D I tried the others, too if you don’t mind πŸ™‚

  16. Sorry friend, I don’t understand about game program.

  17. I just bought Hitman blood money but it wonΒ΄t work it stopts at the beggining at the first level. I have Vista please help me!

  18. You are welcome.

  19. Just 1 video missing of your videos.
    The first mission (Death of Showman) In Silent Assasin. There are some videos about it in youtube, but I think the yours would be the best πŸ˜€

  20. I don’t think about graphics quality all the time. I just play about ideas, strategies, fun…and so on.

  21. yo taishon what resultion r u playing hitman4? i play it in high quaility and everything on 1260×900 i lag. but when i play it on 800×600 it won’t lag.

  22. Thanks for watching.

  23. the glass shards killed her

  24. Ha! Ha! It’s my first video in hitman 4. I think…maybe my graphics card is bad by myself, so… Anyway, thanks a lot for supporting my videos all the time my friend!

  25. When in the inventory why all weapons are black?

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