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How To Bank Part 2 of 2.

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Part II on how to aim a bank shot

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  1. If you are serious I also have SVB’s name on it. Send me a private message.

  2. I’ll actually offer $2250

  3. If that is a serious offer than I have a paypal account and I will take 2k. PM me.The cue also has jeanette lees signiture.

  4. i will buy that cue 2000$ off of him

  5. All his videos really help.

  6. Thanks for this training video I know it will come in handy. Well done.

  7. Thanks, Marcus…

  8. sorry guys, but is so boring , because is just a hold picture, with a relate, if at less he explain according his images. well forget me opinion, be happy , be good poolist and that.

  9. ey it’s not stupid.. at least u can learn to appreciate his effort. this video is really useful for beginners and it’s for free.

  10. what a stupid video

  11. that is so awesome that you got to meet the knoxville bear and get his signature! thanks for the great lesson and keep posting!

  12. Its just chalk. I vacuumed it up after I filmed the video.

  13. Hope the felts gonna be ok after that?

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