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How to Play 8-Ball : Rules for Automatically Losing in Billiards

By • Feb 25th, 2019 • Category: Billiard Tips, Uncategorized

In billiards, you can automatically lose if you sink the balls in the wrong order or scratch on the 8 ball, get expert tips and advice on pool and 8 ball in this free video.

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  1. It depends on what rules you are playing. International rules say after a scratch the next player has ball in hand BEHIND THE HEADSTRING, and the object ball CAN be behind the headstring also, but the cue ball MUST cross the headstring before contacting it (so use a bank shot or some hard core masse to get it in if it’s behind the headstring). Some people also play ball in hand on any scratch in 8-ball, just like in 9-ball pool… Hope that helped. 🙂

  2. after a scratch does the object ball have to be completely over the second diamond or not?

  3. this is Billiards in Torrington. This place is cool, nice regulation tables.

  4. Thats when the white ball is hit into one of the pockets.. As far as I know, If the white ball falls out of the pool table, Its considered a scratch also. Hope that helps!

  5. whats a scratch?

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