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Jamie “Shotgun” Cope 147 break @ Snooker Shanghai Masters 08

By • Jul 1st, 2011 • Category: Uncategorized

Jamie Cope made his second 147 in a ranking event in Shanghai during his match against Mark Williams.

He did it in frame 03, in the 1/8 final (last 16) and needed for it only 8.30mins.

He also got for it

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  1. lol… is he training or just kidding? xD, he plays damn good.

  2. I agree. Dumbass slitty eyed pingers.

  3. word. And the music was broadcasted by the chinese TV (lol!)

  4. yeah maybe… I think it’s one of the most perfect 147s ever done. 😉

  5. Virgo and Taylor sound different on this clip 🙂

  6. that was the best 147 ever… to make a break of that standard with all that noise from them two flipin chinks in the background was amazing… ha ha ha

  7. Chinese or Mandarin is the funniest language I’ve ever heard… Well for the brake 🙂 it is amazing 🙂 well done jamie

  8. you don’t understand at all!

  9. ahh well its poorly worded on both 🙂 and I know what you meant, and I knew alex was right, i was just pointing out that you could be forgiven otherwise dude

  10. very fluent, precise, quick and “piao liang”.
    congrats jamie!

    anyway, what’s with the music at the beggining? 😮

  11. Indeed he did make a 147 in the early stages of the 2006 Grand Prix, but it reads:
    Jamie Cope made the first ever 147 IN A RANKING EVENT IN SHANGHAI during his match against Mark Williams tonight. Meaning that it is the first 147 in the Shanghai Masters.

  12. I can understand mandarin and all i can say about the commentators are that they sucks. all they can say is the word “piao liang” which means beautiful. damn irritating lousy commentary. mute the video to have peace.

  13. @ DLPBurke: LOOOL I didt take it from World Snooker!! I read the infos from another site and wrote my disrciption out of these infos.. .

    So you can be sure that it’s my own discription if u care about it…


  14. That means that this is the first 147 at the Shanghai Masters!!! And not by Cope! 😉

  15. by the style and speed he played you could be thinking its ronnie

  16. “Jamie Cope made the first ever 147 in a ranking event in Shanghai during his match against Mark Williams tonight

    The Shotgun blasted the 147 in the third frame to put himself in line for a

  17. Cope also made a 147 in the 2006 Grand Prix so this isn’t his first ranking 147.

  18. thanks for sharing

  19. shut you fucking up, u sucks

  20. yeah.. rolf rely said this XD … ouch

  21. but won the game…

  22. poor mark williams… another 147 done to him

  23. amazing break! imagine how good he would be if he had a better technique! worldchamp to be

  24. It was exlcusive to chinese television.

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