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Japan Billiards Trick Shots

By • Feb 25th, 2019 • Category: Uncategorized

Japan Billiards Trick Shots

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  1. I like how they showed his goof at 5:49. Gives the video credibility.

  2. after 3 minutes of watching it half of me think its a Magic trick.

  3. I would not want to face him in a game of billards lol

  4. agreed there’s got to be something. i sure as hell cant see anything in between the balls but. its quite impossible to just balance them.

  5. reuindeeress i ageree with you to an extent, but it still takes a phenomenal amount of skill, and lets not forget he is good at entertaining the crowd which is essentially why he is here. Great lad and phenomenal trick shots

  6. you just put a very small doughnut shaped disc between them. You can actualy see the disc on better quality videos

  7. Ok, how does he get one ball to balance on top of another?
    Answers on a postcard or to MY email!!!
    Must be some kind of ‘trick’. The other shots I can fathom but I have tried for SO long to do the balance thing WITHOUT success. I would imagine most of us have tried as well, so if anyone HAS done it, PLEASE tell us how it is done. PLEASE!!!

  8. dang he just makes it look so clean, thats soo cool!

  9. freakin amazing. i like how he takes the cup and drinks from it, haha.

  10. theres just nothing like japanese game shows!!!!!


  12. Actually, these trick shots are just a matter of preparation knowing where to position the balls and such. Still, he is pretty good.

  13. this is the pool samurai!

  14. Jesus…these are really impressive. this guy wouold make one hell of a billiards tutor. lol.

  15. anybody can do these trick shots.
    its just all about the english that you put on the cue ball. im not sayin i could do it that easy.
    it would take a lil bit though.

  16. holy crap!!!!!!!!

  17. Just like a magic! lol

  18. Crazy Japs!

  19. good point but if you can pull off some of the shots that this guy does then there’s no excuse for not being able to win a pool tournament. he’s just pure a pure bred freak this guy.

  20. i think its different to learn trickshots rather play 9 ball pool

  21. Yeah he does act like a bit of a fairy…but these tricks are unbelievable, no argument. I’d like to see this guy play the 9-Ball U.S.Open, i reckon he’d do good

  22. He’s so dreamy <3

  23. this shit is rediculous

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