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Long Distance Cue Ball Control And Side Pocket Cut Shots

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  1. yea. we played 3C together. I’d still like to see your friend play on his snooker table. I saw that you put up some videos of his match with jeremy, but i’d really like to see him execute in person.

  2. Google black jack david sapolis he has good stuff on straight pool and also checkout capelles play your best straight pool. I will do something eventually.
    Take care,

  3. Thanks for another cool video Marcus! Speed on thin cuts is a hard thing to get a hold of. Have recently taken up playing Straight Pool … would really like your insight on how best to approach the opening break.

  4. hey how big is your table?
    it looks really long…

  5. another great video man , keep em coming

  6. Awesome one

  7. Are you the guy from U of H?

  8. that’s a fine video for telling students what to practice. But you havent given us any ideas about how to execute long distance cue ball control. what gives, marcus?

  9. love your vids forcefollow, keep up the videos, they’re really entertaining =)

  10. Using a sheet of paper as a target area to set the cueball in is a great idea when practicing sets.

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