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Pool: Efren Reyes vs Tomasz Kaplan

By • Feb 25th, 2019 • Category: Billiard Tips, Uncategorized

2007 Philippines World Pool Championship, Group B

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  1. If it was a money match and the ball didn’t fall, what person in their right mind would hand away money? Both players are playing on the same table and have to contend with the so called POS pockets. Its not a disadvantage to one without being the same to the other.

  2. Piece of shit pockets is what it is. When the ball hits the back side of the pocket, it is supposed to count. Had it been a money match, Kaplan would’ve been credited the 8.

  3. They’er not tight. Looks like 4.5″ corners or more to me.
    The buckets are cheap plastic.

  4. tight pockets

  5. wow that was really funny 😀

  6. what a freak incident!

    that safety on the 4 and that 7 ball..
    they don’t call him the magician for nothing..
    I liked the way he approached the crowed in the end looks like a really nice humble guy

  7. something wrong with that pocket?

  8. Piece of crap made in china “Brunswick” Metro table.

  9. believe it or not, i actually won against tomasz kaplan in romania at a 9-ball open with 5-4 :D:D:D

  10. Amazing. At least the pocket was fair, Kaplan deserved the rack. Good shot from Efren at the 7.

  11. Great safety yeah, but it was brilliant the way he got out of it!

  12. wow the ball just jumped out of the pocket for both players lol

  13. holy shit on that safety on the 4!!!!!

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