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Pool Lessons & Billiard Instruction – Set & Slow Back Stroke

By • Feb 25th, 2019 • Category: Billiard Tips, Uncategorized

Pool Lessons & Billiard Instruction – Set & Slow Back Stroke. See more at

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  1. level cue will fix most any stroke, however a keen sense for the moment of contact , diversion,deflection, slide, and friction, will prove to provide confidence. Confidence is key to making all shots. Good luck!!

  2. This video is amazingly superb! Although everyone is different, and has a slightly different approach. A routine such as this is most beneficial to somone in the early stages of expertise. I have tried many technique and the one I resort to when something needs done would be the 25 stroke technique. Almost always I’ll employ this same technique as my normal course of attack. Really great advice keep it coming!!! Thanx!!!

  3. I find these tips very usefull.Thanks ! Keep ’em comming 🙂

  4. girl is fine

  5. I can see her point, but everyone’s different. One of my friends sets himself for his shots like she recommends and when he does you can almost hear him psyching himself out the minute he sets. I got him to try setting AND THEN stroking and his accuracy went way up.

  6. I like how Roundabout – Yes, is playing in the background heh.

  7. i have a question if anyone knows: at minute 2:51 she is hitting the cue ball extremely low and makes a nice shot.
    1. Why does she hit that low when a stop shot only requires a tip lower than middle of the cue?
    2. How can I hit the cue ball that low like she does, and also make a valid shot? I tried to hit that low but my cue slips on the ball and the ball jumps or goes wrong way instead of forward.
    thanks in advance

  8. i just tried your technique wow that succer works made amost ever ball in at impossible angles thank you verry much.

  9. who the hell can watch her stroke with her dressed that super beautiful silk shirt god shes beautiful in that shiny red shirt

  10. I agree this is great advice. I paid a bunch of money for instruction and the second bad habit he fixed was my supercharged prestroke routine. I got much more consistent very quickly.

  11. Great! 6/6

  12. very good lesson there.
    for me, set position gives more confidence. on the slow one, i tend to hit the cue ball incorrectly on the stroke.

  13. great vid thx

  14. very good job, for tips… In actual tournaments they will never allow you to put you’re whole arm on the table, therefore you must always keep a strong base hand
    Other than that very nicely done, Congratulations

  15. awsome! thank u so much. I’ll try it out today

  16. Will you marry me Samm? Love the tips keep it up!

  17. Academy of the Cueing Arts

  18. cute girl.

  19. Very nice.. Thanks…

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