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Principles Of Position Play.

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Not the last word! Please read books, watch other videos and get a coach. Experienced players please critique and disagree, video responses preferred.

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  1. you could practice for 18 hours a day for 10 years, but if you do not know the principles behind what you are trying to do, you can get smoked by someone who does know the principles and practices half as much

  2. Good Video! Some useful information. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I agree has a flat voice needs to do a few takes an edit. BUT everything he said is true. 3 stages of learning 1 learn how to sink. 2 learn how to set the next shot up. 3 tactics …….. practice practice PRACTICE.. if you enjoy the game its fun. set em up 2 bucks a lesion.

  4. yea your right it takes lots of practice. But I do think these vids help even without practice because that is going to be one less cue ball that somebody or something getting hit. some people just cant help themselves jade and if you have to play 10 hours a day to get good then you would hate the fact i could run you with one hand.

  5. I actually watch some pool vids if I do not have time to warm up. Imitation works wonders kid.

  6. Yeah. He’s hell of good.

  7. can this guy evon play pool

  8. this stuff really means nothing.
    why i say that?

    cause you need to practice 10 hours aday for years to get good at pool..
    anyone thinking they become better by watching tips is fooling themselves.

    you still need to be able to do it
    that takes practice.

  9. an angle for an angle 🙂

    Never end up with a straight shot.

  10. dude..ok your videos are good, but you really need to reduce unnecessary talking. its very distracting. Just say what you are doing, and do it. thats all people need.

  11. nice video first one i see from you nice man gonna keep watching

  12. the mess in your your taking my focus away of the table :-)tell the bambino to clean 🙂 very good video dude.

  13. Forcefollow, I respect your videos and appreciate all that you do for beginners and honestly there isn’t much to critique other than your transition from the 5 to the 7. You said you would just leave it “somewhere on the wedge” but I think you might want to instruct people to leave it on the upper half of the wedge to make the transition from the 7 to the 9 easier. Nevertheless, great video!

  14. From the 3 to the 4 ball. Even draw is going to cross the center line of the position zone, the real underlying idea is that the line you take from one ball to another maximises your margin of error and obviously the line which has maximal distance is often the prefered option but is not all you take into account. For example – speed control with follow will always be more accurate than draw so even if you have ‘more line’ in the position zone with draw, it might be easier to play with follow.

  15. Very nice explanation of where to leave the cue ball. Thanks for taking the time to post this informative video.

  16. Thank u so much 4 ur videos! They are really helpful! I’m trying to use ur tips to learn how 2 get really good! Plez make more! Thanks! (^_^)

  17. i like how you leave your hand in the picture, moving it while you speak. it really explains alot more.

  18. That’s interesting. I noticed pros doing this a couple years back and saw the strength of it but haven’t heard anyone talk about it or give it a name. I’ve been working on playing position this way when possible and have been talking to my teammates about it as well.

  19. At about 5:40 into the video you talk about drawing the ball into the position zone rather than stunning into it. This stunning into the zone is called crossing the line to position. The rule is never cross the line when you can run up the line. When you run up the line the cue ball stays in the position zone much longer in its travel than when crossing the line. Just my $.02


  20. These Zones are explained very well on Volume 10 of the Billiard Sanctuary Finer Points DVD’s. Highly Recommend taking a look at them for a very detailed explanation of this. Keep up the Great Video Instruction here on ebay.

  21. MAan, you need to clean up your basement…j/k. Thanks for the vid!

  22. That would be a quick “no.” But this is some of the things that are a part of his game.

  23. can u beat the “magician” using this principle.

  24. It seems obvious, but infact this makes it really clear!

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