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Ronnie O’Sullivan snaps cue..has he lost it ? (again)

By • Jan 17th, 2009 • Category: Billiard Tips, Uncategorized

Ronnie O’Sullivan…..Nuff said !!!

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  1. What’s wrong with the game, not a lot has changed over the last year yet here we are that snooker needs to change or else everyone will not like it anymore. True snooker fans love the game without all the gimicy stuff like music, different clothes and time limits etc. Its very entertaining as it is.


    Ronnie can fuck off for all I care. All he seems to do is whine about the game nowadays.

  3. You don’t love snooker i see, then you would feel different

  4. what exactly does ronnie want though?

  5. Here Here Saying it Like it is is always to be admired

  6. ronnie is a very entertaining snooker player. he makes the game look natural.

    i would rather listen to what he really thinks rather than for him to just put on a happy face. this makes for intresting listening , and snooker needs intresting more than most other sports/games

  7. Ronnie rid the world of your meaningless presence. You’re a boring,arrogant,attention seeking,braindead,numbskull,illiterate, spolit,piece of human trash.

    “Please love me, please look at me, please,please, I’m Ronnie. Look everyone! I have just smashed my cue in half, and 40 grand for a week’s playing snooker isn’t enough for me. What a man I am! Has this made me more famous? Well at least I can impress a few students on youtube.

    They are the only idiots you can impress you child!

  8. I 100% agree aswell mate, Ronnie o sullivan isnt just the best snooker player in the world, hes the only one , out of every snooker play currently playing, who has the balls to step up and say it needs a change, hes right, the snooker needs possibly, another show stopper, one to match ronnie, with out that i can see snooker waving goodbye to a worldclass play sooner rather then later…

  9. Agree 100%

  10. Whatever your opinion of Ronnie whether his often seemingly crazy antics are good or bad for snooker, you have to respect him for speaking his mind. People will argue that because of the position he holds in the world of snooker where kids look up to him and that he’s in the public eye he should behave accordingly and responsibly, but if he’s unhappy with the way things are and the game itself, then why should he be strung along just to appease people? Kudos to him.

  11. lol what a character… but hes right.. something has to change in the game!

  12. I wish this guy would disappear off a cliff.

  13. ha, quality

  14. loonatic!!!!!!!!1

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