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Russian billiards aim for global recognition

By • Jul 1st, 2011 • Category: Uncategorized

The finals of the Russian version of pool have been held in Moscow, with its growing popularity internationally suggesting a bright future for the sport. 150 players battled for the Kremlin billiards title, and a cool $US 35,000, in a game known as Russian pyramid.

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  1. It is said you need much bigger balls to play Russian way. In fact I’m not shure yours are even enough for the simple pool. LOL

    Rusian billiards table has so narrow pockets the ball berelly squeezes through. Sometimes you have to hammer it in. Russian billiards is a game of accuracy (read marksmanship) and power.

  2. Hahahahah lol this is a game with much bigger balls!

  3. Victor, why take the great game of billiards and throw it in the gutter of human quibble? Billiard allows all people the opportunity of a unique & awesome game. I love billiard, and it allows people of different nationalities and origins to come together purely for the enjoyment of this sport.

    And then we have small-minded people like you, who use any chance to talk shit on America. Why? Video isn’t about US. As a Russian-American pool lover, I feel sad & embarrassed by how low you’ve sunk.

  4. Russian billiard is the stupidest game. It will not be more popular than Moldova Open championship.

  5. after american “economy” finally crashes, all that bears this name “american” will no longer popular, it’s obvious. the same about briton shitland.
    Russian billiard is the best!

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