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The Video Guide To Pool Cue Tips

By • Feb 25th, 2019 • Category: Billiard Tips, Uncategorized

Some basics about pool cue tips. Learn more at

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  1. Types of types. Nice one.

  2. the guy i have change mine uses permanent marker does the same thing as the sealer you can buy but without the odor

  3. i once read that some people seal the side of thier tip with super glue. will that work?

  4. i have a viking with a preadator 314 shaft that shoots great viking is a fantastic cue and shoots even better with a predator shaft if u can afford it they are exspensive i got mine used for 125 dollars!!!!

  5. Nice, informative video. I like the iron idea. I’m gonna have to try that out. I do my own too, I use Triangles. Best tip ever in my book.

  6. Great Video Thanks Alot 😀

  7. @Jason
    I use Elk Master & Im Happy with it

    BTW The most difficult part is to Place the tip right precisely on the tip of the Cue

    I know Cause I’ve done a lot of Tip changing myself

  8. Do you have any recommendations on a brand of tip?

  9. when u get a new cue is it barnished? also do you barnish with the iron all tips you replace like with a glue on tip? I sort of thought once u shape it to the nickel spec with my george u were good to go….thanks! and great video’s

  10. Yeah, just don’t over do it with the tip shaper. Allot of guys go wild with there tip tools.

  11. question crazy glue breakdowns & cracks over time, add to that constant impact, it seems like asking for trouble. i’ve own & played this que, almost daily, almost fifteen years now. normal maintenance on the tip is once yearly. can i expect this longevity from your recommendation?

  12. your right on time with this information, i just broke the tip on my que yesterday. normally i’d take it to the hall and have the beginning stages done for me. i prefer to shape and condition my tip myself, now i can cut the middle men

  13. Tell a friend about me.

  14. you explained it well. thank you so much. more power.

  15. nice instruction … the only thing I don’t know how and what to do is maintaining my cue tip, and now I’m confident giving it a try. by the way, could you please recommend me a set of cue-tip tools that I should get. my level is advanced amateur

  16. An Earl Strickland Cuetec. Ebay will be cheaper. Buy a glove to go with it or go on ebay and find a cheap sneaky pete.


  17. Do you have any recommendations for someone looking to spend less than 100 dollars. I like pool and everything, but I don’t have my own table and my only play-time comes from going to the local bowling alley and playing with my friends. Still, I’d much prefer my own affordable stick to the ones they have there. So, yeah, less than 100 dollars, if possible? Any idea? thanks.

  18. Actually my Minnesota Fats is a glued tip, so I’m kinda glad that the tip broke off cleanly, so all I have to do now is just sand and glue, I probably don’t even have to burnish anymore since it was the same tip. I was only curious about the screw-ons because that’s what my friend gave to me at the time, although I kept my original tip.

  19. They don’t last long. I you play any length of time they break off leaving the bolt stuck in the hole. You really don’t want to break with them, jump with them or masse. Durability is the major issue. I am sure it was a nice stick when you bought it but if you played with it every day for 2 weeks you would have to buy another one.

  20. You could buy something like a Mcdermott or a Viking but for that amount it would have to be a used cue. Ebay has tons of good deals if you are patient enough to find one. For a new cue you would want to buy a cuetec or an adam for that amount. I shot with a cuetec for years and there is nothing wrong with them. If you do get one with the fiberglass shaft you would want to buy a glove and the liquid cleaning agent they sale.

  21. Probably will have about $150, maybe $200 tops, but likely in the $150 price range.

  22. I was surprised that you didn’t recommend screw on type tips and didn’t provide a reason as to why they are undesirable. I have a Minnesota Fats graphite I bought at Big5 for like…$12 I think at the time and it is a very nice stick, it’s just that out of clumsiness I tripped on it and it fell to the ground sending the tip flying. I need to buy some crazy glue and sandpaper.

  23. How much money will you have to spend?

  24. dude if you are going to get a cue, do not get a cuetec!!! i recomend a lucasi or a meucci. but to really know what you want shoot with each brand and see which ones you like.

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