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Tips on How To Spot a Pool Hustler

By • Feb 25th, 2019 • Category: Billiard Tips, Uncategorized

Here are some tips that may help you spot a hustler and keep money in your pocket.

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  1. “scotch brite” the sides of the cue stick will make it perfect. sandpaper the edges of the tip and shape it round as a dime.(add chalk after every shot)I learned in pool halls some people use the house keys to better shape the sticks they lend out there.also,DONT GET CRAZY DRUNK AND FORGET YOUR CUE BEHIND.=D

  2. Marking the table will get you thrown out where I play, And screwing with someones cue just isn’t cool.

  3. There are two different Kinds of profesional pool player. There are hustlers and there are just very good pool player. Hustler is a good pool player that disguises his ablilty to play in order to fool his opponent. I ll let you in on a little secret. Most people are self destructive on the pool table.You don’t have to hustle them.They Hustle themselves.

  4. ha, fair enough, i seem to remember being taken down by an 11 year old or something. He played a lot of snooker so he was pretty good.

  5. Them 13 year olds are vicious! LOL

  6. ha, you tried to take money from a 13 year old, serves you right hahaha!

  7. that 13 year old is number one now

  8. Good vid! I would really like to see your “lesson” how to start the game, you know what i mean? The starting shot, hard shot..

  9. thanks it will be greatly appreciated.keep making those videos

  10. wow..”looking out for hustlers” lol

  11. I will see what I can do. It may be a couple of weeks before I get something up.

  12. could you possibly make a video of how to clean and maintain your cue? i recently got my first cue and the shaft is tinted blue because of the chalk in my case. this would really help me out.

  13. I love moving the coins under the rail around, that disturbs people too. Any advantage you can take away from a hustler is worth attempting.

  14. I use bet a lot, when I knew I could win, never really hustled. I was always on the lookout for one, I do not like losing my money.

  15. were you a hustler

  16. lol
    marking the rail w/ chalk really does get under alot of player’s skin

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