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Virtual Pool 3 – Snooker Century Break (WC2008)

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Snooker World Championship 2008 Semi-Final

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  1. Sure, click on my profile, there’s a link there, celeris/games/vp3.

  2. can u show me a link from where I can download it 🙁

  3. Yup Thumbs up virtual pool 3 ultimate billiard simulator, my real life game has improved with thanks from vp1 and vp3.

  4. Not directly, but you can always record them with Fraps. Like this one. Thanks.

  5. On the game can you save these breaks and relive them?? Nice Break, cheers!

  6. you cant go wrong buying this game for $10, u can play it online with real players at gamespyarcade…. i been playin it over 12 years now. i started out in vp1 for 99 cents a hour at AOL lol… its the only game i never got tired of! and thats no joke k

  7. Yes, use the link in video info to buy the game, it’s only 9.95$.

  8. What a very nice game. I think I’m gonna buy that. Celeris dot com you said?

  9. Fraps 2.9.2

  10. What program did you use to record the screen with?

  11. very cool idea – well done
    I was there too – it was exciting 🙂

  12. Virtual Pool 3, online (Gamespy)

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