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By • Jan 18th, 2009 • Category: Billiard Tips, Uncategorized

a couple of poolhall junkies playing some good shots. Our inspiration was the movie by the same name
my friend (opening break) made the video
p.s i’m the big dude
Check out our updated video!

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  1. love the vid you guys are great pool player hope im as good as you one day!

  2. being a avid pool player myself I was impressed with the kick shots and some of the others. Trick shot not so much but the cut shot and shots that required a good solid stroke as well as practice were nice. Lets keep this sport alive……hit the pool halls more often

  3. 2:35min. :D:D
    Guy behind comes out of toilet looks fun :p

  4. great shots.
    do u guys live in the pool hall

  5. lol gloves

  6. you gents have some real talent, lets see you play snooker!!!!

  7. wow…thanks for the compliment

  8. It’s mindblowing just to imagine how many YEARS you have to play pool to do the things I just saw. Truly amazing.

  9. glad u liked it

  10. i like a lot the shot at 3:05
    nice vid

  11. just standard hits and some rotations, nothing special

  12. gracias amigo

  13. buenos jugadores verdaderos tiburones saludos……..

  14. Wow I didn’t mean for my comments to be taken this personally. My only sentiment is yes I agree these are amazing pool shots but who knows how many “takes” these guys need. At the national level u get 1 chance to make a shot. Its what seperates the pool sharks from the big money championships. RELAX people.

  15. Well played.

  16. seriously? you think you gotta win something to be good? I’ve never seen anyone who back spins like that, banks like that, or uses english that well i’d like to see you do better…loser 😛

  17. Haha.. 🙂 Good players

  18. Oh PLEASE step up to the table!!! I would LOVE to see what ya got! These guys are talented!

  19. Hey, Very cool!!! A lot of them were very cool shots! Thanks for making the video.. I went to Barrie (Dunlops) for some tourney’s.. We have your man Ronnie Wiseman here in Detroit! LOL

  20. I salute you sir

  21. Just because know ones ever seen them on ESPN doesnt mean anything. Im no stranger to a Pool Hall and I can tell you,the best players wont be seen untill they want to. Awesome video,you guys are sharp.

  22. Great vid….Long Live Billiards!

  23. Glad u liked it
    This was shot at
    Silvertip Billiards at Mississauga, ON, Canada

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