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Old Eric Yow Trick Shot Video

By • Sep 4th, 2008 • Category: Billiard Trick Shots

Mistress in billiards

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  3. uhh mr bungs or w/e, maybe u just cant play pool and are jelouss hmmm??

  4. nice. i can’t imagine how much editing that must have taken, nor how many times you had to try to make each of those shots.

  5. holy… frik
    your my savior

  6. sorry but what’s the title of the track ???

    help me please

  7. No, It’s not, It’s all real. Watch pool on espn more often. It’s just time and practice, Unlike something you can’t do because your to lazy.

  8. great work… respect. 5 stars.

  9. you have a great stroke kid . awesome tricks if this is a regulation weight cue ball

  10. -.- what a waste of time -.-

  11. Wow, I hope somebody else realized its stop motion filming that has made most, if not all of these tricks possible. Its pretty obvious to me. Look at the movement of the balls falling in the pockets as well as when they are moving in a group. You will notice the inconsistency in movement-it looks jittery. Seriously if you play pool you gotta figure the movement on the cue is closer to being controlled by the hand of god rather than some masterful use of english. Final Word : the vid’s BS

  12. Holy shit, you are one little sick bastard!
    You can either teach me how to do that, or just go get a life. What do u say?

  13. lol ur fucked up

  14. this video makes me want to just give up, holy assssssss

  15. nice video …i have so one too, look at my video 😉

  16. why dont you check espn? is stupid to think that he is going to have one magnetized table for each trick! the curve is caused depending in the place and the way of the ball is hiten, like when you meke roll a cover of soda whit your finger, it runs but sudenly returns to your closed mind

  17. Is this even legal?? Lol…this is incredable!

  18. people are fucking ignorant, this is a great video.

  19. Good Tricks I know a trick shot shooter George Middleditch ” trick shot extraordinaire” used to travel the country with a van and a trailer with a pool table in it. I can usually beat him in match play because he tries some off the wall 3 rail shape trying to impress his own self when all he had to do was move the cue 3 inches. What kind of cue do you use? I use a Schon.

  20. heh, first of all I doubt it second its obvious your using a translator because you said “I have ten years” (necessistas demede “estoy dies anos” porque eso es como esta en ingles)

  21. probably magnets… :-/ theres no way the cueball will slide down a cue like that. IMO people who cheat just prove they arent that good so they use help

  22. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW the Billiard GrandMaste.

  23. search ‘semih sayginer’he is the world champion

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