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Czech billiards trickshot compilation

By • Aug 28th, 2008 • Category: Billiard Trick Shots

Three trickshot compilations;

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  1. Ses posral ne? :o) fakt pekn

  2. thats amazing, i know for one i am czech, and i respect that…. thats awesome..

  3. che fenomeno!

  4. amazing skills!!!

  5. oi! your gud but your halls bery big! atay!

  6. omg! nice!! ..but on normal size it is not so easy

  7. some great shots but use a standard table next time!

  8. skillz! 🙂

  9. he surely did some great tricks but i dont know… it kinda looked as if the ball rolled over the holes a couple fo times… weird

  10. He can pull off some nice tricks. But did no one saw the table is altered for this? That makes it a lot easier! Next time try it on a real table buddy.

  11. theyre normal size…..

  12. the tables holes are wayyy to big

  13. MAlej typek nice


  15. hijo e putA!!!!!

  16. dobre ty ,)

  17. Gorgeous shots.

  18. the song suck

  19. the one with the sponge was sublime

  20. I told this guy all the tricks he knows. XD

  21. they just kept getting better and better! I really liked the last one

  22. Jste NORMALY??hahah! Holy goodness…Simply incredible man…

  23. i could watch that all day!!

  24. mind boggling

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