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Ray Hitler Trick Pool Shots

By • Aug 28th, 2008 • Category: Billiard Trick Shots

This is part one of the award-winning series of trick shot videos by pool expert, Ray Hitler.
Note: Ray Hitler is not real, and this is intended for comedy purposes. You will learn absolutely no trick shots or see any if you watch this.

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  1. heil der fuhrer!!!

  2. lol made me laf lol 5/5

  3. sucker make a video tricks… 2 tumbs down…

  4. Pool according to Postal Dude.

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  6. haha true..waste of time haha

  7. never make a video again bro! plz… for everyones sake…

  8. This is so funny. It is meant for entertainment only. Very funny. Good Job Guys.

  9. Hey… Shut up!!

  10. wo stabu c du trickshot sa ??lool

  11. fucking funny man lol nice vidoe hitler lol! later!, five star!

  12. scene murdered, lol, love it XD

  13. Hooo Hitler…!

  14. Who in the red fuck is this whisker-bisket son-of-a-bitch?? He needs to be jackslapped!!

  15. lol his name is Hitler!

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  17. never put a vidio on utube

  18. why do people waste their time filming then posting this bullshit…

  19. but they can cost $5

  20. not a nazi, but is a nazi for trick shots. hilarious

  21. Dude how can you live with urself?

  22. depends when he bought it
    lava lamps used to cost like 2k bucks

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