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Pro Billiards US Open 9-Ball

By • Aug 29th, 2008 • Category: Pool Tournament Feature

Jose Parica, the leader of the Asian invasion, faces off with the Korean Dragon, Charlie Williams. Both players are extremely talented and vialble contenders for the the U.S. Open crown. Who will advance? What was the turning point of the match? Post your comments…

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  1. Charlie williams SUCKS ASS

  2. i want to see the tang ho match.

  3. Think you BClub

  4. yea charlie williams is being really annoying here. its kind of ridiculous the number of times he gets up off a shot. normally players look at the layout/ balls and make a decision..charlie just seems so unsure and hesitant


  6. why are there racks missing?! even though i appreciate that it maybe his pre-shot routine, but charlie williams walking around, taking 10 looks at a shot is REALLY annoying…..

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