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John Higgins 147 in 2003 Snooker LG Cup

By • Aug 28th, 2008 • Category: Pool Tournament Feature

It was really a lucky 147 of snooker!!! Please check out John Higgins shooting a cool 147 in the 2003 Snooker LG Cup.

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  1. it was meant to be…

  2. That was painfully intense.

  3. hows it fake>? its higgins you spoon !

  4. 06:45-06:55 amazing, but looks bit like a montage 🙂

  5. yea your probably right. I suppose i havnt had enough experience yet to know how to cope with pressure yet. come to think of it, if one is able to cope with pressure, then 1 should have a dramatic increase in thier ability. cheers dude

  6. nah man. John Higgins has had hundreds of games. He is number one in the world. The audience is part of the game. Like the crowd at a football or a rugby match. The players are so involved in what they are doing, they zone everything out. No offense, but maybe if you didn’t feel pressure or get distracted you could have been number one in golf croquet! :p

  7. moodSwing12358, i would love to agree with you, however every1 gets distracted at some time (even if its very little). and when there is pressure its gets a little bit harder to shut out the audience. i know this because i got into the top 16 in the world for golf croquet (the game is nothing like Alice in Wonderland) and pressure of the audience got to me. (not completly why i didnt make it into the top 8). pressure does effect people even if its a very little bit

  8. dnx90210, he doesn’t get to be number one in the world by getting distracted by the audience.

  9. u are fake damm noob

  10. sooooo fake

  11. in his last shot some bugger in the audience spoke just b4 he struck the ball. If i were him and i missed that because i got distracted by that guy, i would be soo pissed off

  12. LOL. He has earned this 147. Nice player. And everybody needs some luck time to time. 😉

  13. Awesome stuff. great job. a 147 point break is the pinnacle of all achievements when it comes to snooker…you can really see Higgins concentrating hard when he’s at the table which is great to see, his minds set on the game and nothing else.

  14. it is fantastic,the fluke is part of the game

  15. i love the shot of the other guy at 3:50

  16. LOL. Didn’t see that lucky ball, posted too soon. My bad.
    Sorry for spamming xD

  17. Other than that: SKILL.
    Really, I can pot a ball pretty nicely now, but lining it up perfectly for the next shot is really something of a whole different level.

  18. The only luck I saw was that the other player didn’t get a chance in the first place. The other balls were just skill.

  19. Maaluucoo deesgraa

  20. looks too easy, i can say it isn’t. i’ve played that game few times and my personal record is about 20 😀

  21. Brilliant stuff, even tho 7.00 was lucky, Higgins is such a legend

  22. Fucking Awesome!The only lucky that i saw is:The other player had started.The man is genial!

  23. I don’t understand snooker.

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