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BBC Snooker (Original Theme)

By • Sep 13th, 2008 • Category: Snooker Videos

The Original Theme Tune For BBC Worldwide Snooker

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  1. It is pretty groovy, isn’t it?

  2. The end bit is the best IMO.

  3. Awesome song

  4. bill bailey is so right about this song XD

  5. Oops, should mention the other show is Top Gear.

  6. Brilliant!

    At the very end you can almost hear what sounds like the beginning of “Jessica” by the Allman Brothers.

    Funny, isn’t it, two fierce Sunday night BBC competitor’s themes, and they almost join together.

  7. Fantastic Tune…Wish the BBC would bring it back! Thankyou so much for Posting this.

  8. The original and best. End of.

  9. Man this theme tune ROCKED! Way better than the vewrsion they use now!

  10. listen to the full version of grandstand it has a wicked solo on that too!!

  11. “Severely overlooked for major cult status” – Bill Bailey

  12. i searched this because i saw bill bailey talking bout it

  13. Drunk out of their minds!

  14. Ha ha… “White can do this, he’s just able, ‘cos there’s thirteen left on the table”

    Nirvana never wrote that, David Vine and Ron Pickering wrote it!

    Bill Bailey rules!

  15. My god this tune is incredible

    —–o o


    I’m off to search for Bill Bailey now!

  17. Bill Bailey!

  18. BBC again. Can’t leave well alone!!

  19. Cracking theme tune!

  20. I discovered this on the red button too the other day…fantastic! Why they ever got rid of it I will never understand, it is THE best TV theme tune of all time! Great for playing air drums to (not simply air guitar..)..go on, try it!

  21. Why oh why oh why did they remix it?
    The original is classic! Every time I hear the new one I want it to turn into the old one!

  22. dead right bud. its class

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