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Draw With Sidespin.

By • Feb 25th, 2019 • Category: Snooker Videos, Uncategorized

A discussion of draw in combination with sidespin. … pool billiards billiard carom snooker draw sidespin english position lesson lessons back stop stun cue ball cueball

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  1. this dude is not a pro fellows… but good learning action in this vid… dont criticize his stroke gaygets his vids are helpful

  2. actually, hitting hte cueball with left english will cause the object ball to deflect right, not left.

  3. thanks…i hope ill improve my skills..peace

  4. yes you can! just remember the cue ball will change direction of the cue ball on a snooker table. if you use left hand english the cue ball will go left. Therefore making use of english very hard on long distance shots

  5. and MAKE SURE YOU FOLLOW THROUGH I had the same problem. It really helps to have a level cue and follow through at least 9 inches if possible.

  6. you’re hitting too low on the ball and actually miscueing and scooping the ball up. try shooting with a leveled cue (parallel to the table), vary the position below center ball, and chalk up!

  7. can i use this technique when im playing snooker?.just asking cause i play snooker…thanks 4 ur help

  8. the same happens to me the ball jumps

  9. when i play the normal draw shot the cue ball jumps over the ball i am aiming for or jumps wide…
    can you try and help me on this incident

  10. If you jack up on a draw shot, the line of force through the cueball is more upright so produces less forward force but will have the same spin rate. The same can be said for follow with a jacked-up cue. However you are right that the usage is limited and certainly in the advanced play and requires expert cueing as the spin rate for sidespin will be magnified also…

  11. hmm. nice to see where the cue ball travels.. but imo for a draw shot, i would not use that stroke you used. my reason being there is lesser spin created. =) just imho.

  12. Some people have argued that if you jack up for a draw shot it creates more spin others say that dropping the but of the cue helps create more follow. If either are true the effect is not that great. Any added effect is not worth the increased chance of miscueing. I recommend hitting both shots with a level cue.

  13. You have posted great videos so far. I have learned many things through your videos . Thank you.. I have 1 question though.. Well, when playing a draw or follow, does the angle of inclination of the cue has an effect on them?

  14. your videos are great.. can you plz show how to do a masse plzzzzzz?? and im talkin about exact specifics plzzz do

  15. Thanks for trying to help us strugglers.

  16. Who cares about the mic, it’s the instruction that needs criticism.

  17. Sorry, I have a 20 dollar mic

  18. try & keep the same distance away from the mic.
    & try not to cause so much buffing when talking.
    Other then that Great Vids….

  19. Nice man, very informative! Thanks!

  20. your videos are awesome man. Keep postin!

  21. thought as much, well thats what i got told when i was learning

  22. Its called that too.

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