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The Basics of Follow

By • Feb 25th, 2019 • Category: Snooker Videos, Uncategorized

A discussion of follow in pool. Also a word about the overspin debate. … pool billiards billiard snooker carom follow top spin over forward forcefollow force lesson lessons

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  1. forcefollow, i have recently purchased a billiards table. i wanted to get good and be able to win against my friends and family. i have been watching your videos for about an hour now. and i think you are the most helpful person. all your videos are very discriptive and well orchestrated. thanks alot for posting these. i wanted to comment on them all but i figured i would just comment on the last one. thanks alot man. if you are not a professional you should look into becoming one.

  2. I keep the cue dead level..ankle and knees together .. think mogul run .. heads up shooting .. especially for length-of-table shots .. I stand sideways to the table and bend at the knees .. straightening with delivery. Cue it dead-in-the-water level. I strike the cue ball a healthy distance above center. This is the prefered technique if the object ball is teetering at the opp. corner. Cue ball drives the obj. in large and careens off harmlessly .. never use backspin to avoid follow in. TOP.

  3. Nice video… good information… wrap a sponge around your mic and it will cut down that wind noise when you’re speaking… good job

  4. still waiting on the video that explains the influence of follow and backspin on cut shots. purdy please?

  5. Thanks for advices, but I’m sure my cue is as level as possible. I had a problem with my cue not-so-level while trying to learn drawing, so I really focused on that.
    And I THINK I follow through the shot properly and long enough. I’ll focus on that the next time I practise, but I really don’t think that’s it… but maybe.
    Anyway, I know usually the “normal” follow is good enough, so it doesn’t matter that much.
    But I’ve seen good snooker and pool players play shot like that so easily… 🙂

  6. I play at a local pool club, I’m pretty sure all the balls are the proper size.
    But now I think about it, the balls are kinda dirty, or dusty or something, just not very smooth. Maybe that could be the reason…?

  7. jac0bsk; What kind of table are you playing on, and what kind of balls are you useing? On many bar tables/coin tables the cue ball us a bit larger than the rest so the ball comes out when scratched. So, it the ball is larger, the center of it is higher than the object ball and therefore tends to make the cue ball “jump” if hit hard enough.

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  9. Also, you don’t have to slam or use a lot of force to get any “action” on the ball, so just a nice smooth stroke aiming at 1 o’clock with a follow through stroke at a soft-medium pace, will do just fine.

  10. I’ll let force follow have the definitive word on that, but it sounds like you are doing two things wrong.

    A) Your cue should be as level with the table as possible (IE not jacking up) and you should be aiming at 1 o’clock on the cue ball.

    B) sounds like you may also be poking at the ball, if you watch some of the pro’s pay attention to how they stroke and follow through with their shot. you have to follow completely through the ball.

  11. When I use a strong follow, when the cue ball contacts with the object ball, the cue ball jumps up and bounces a few times on the table, which takes most of the follow away.
    Is there a way to avoid this?

  12. first comment w00t! nice video

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