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Improving Draw Technique

By • Feb 25th, 2019 • Category: Snooker Videos, Uncategorized

2 drills from Bob Jewitt that teach better draw technique. … pool billiards billiard snooker carom drill practice teach learn learning lesson draw backspin technique exercise

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  1. minnesota*

  2. awesome pool table, and yeah that kid is gonna be the new minnosota fats

  3. did i see a new O’sullivan in the background?

  4. let baby play
    🙂 1:56

  5. Stupid video. Spin back the ball so near is quite easy as an idiot can do. Why don’t you put a video when you draw back a ball hit on a full table shot? Ehehe, this is really to difficult for you too…go practice a bit before doing stupid lessons..

  6. Just one question..
    I have an amateur cue, those really cheap.
    I can do back spin but its pretty hard, and dont look like you used too much strenght to make that backspin…

  7. I have been practicing your training techniques. Check out my improvement on my page where I am practicing on a full size snooker table

  8. this is the best “introduction to backspin” video on youtube! thanks!

  9. that kid is probably gonna be the next ronnie o’sullivan lol

  10. All your videos are great. Just a quickie, what cloth are you using?

  11. forcefollow you’re a teacher a favor is very interesting but I would like your videos you please translate to better understand I speak Spanish do not know if this will be good English. but I hope that you get a translator in Spanish.

  12. tks for answering.

  13. I was using the head spot. But you could use pieces of chalk or shreds of paper.

  14. hello

    forcefollow What do u use to mark the position of the balls on this drill?

  15. how does he do this stuff

  16. hahah that little kid at the left side at the end of the video is TIGHT

  17. hahah that little kid at the left side at the end of the video is TIGHT

  18. We’ve spoke before. this is a nice drill, thank you!

  19. hey you got a new table ! nice

  20. so serious, lighten up a bit

  21. second drill just teaches stroke over power. That increases accuracy when you have to draw a long distance, so i would say the second drill is the money maker as far as those particular drills

  22. I am using 860 and it does make a difference.

  23. are you using worsted cloth

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