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Snooker: 147 by Stephen Hendry in 1995 ( vs Jimmy White)

By • Oct 9th, 2008 • Category: Snooker Videos

Compared to QUICKFIRE O’Sulliven, he was calm and patient, and of course, stable and accurate.

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  1. hendry=god given talent

  2. hendry is shit and sucks penguin bells

  3. Len Ganley.

  4. Hendry was who got me interested in snooker. He is the best champion snooker has ever had. When he was in this era he was untouchable. There will never be another like him.

  5. hehehehe there are two Arabs they wont to explose the game

  6. Definetively the best ever!

    I love all the players who really “rule” their sports: Stephen Hendry, Michael Schumacher, Roger Federer…

  7. the two yallah yallah(the oil tacoons) were going to bomb the place but after watching hendry decided against it. the crowd should thank him for saving their lives.

  8. some tremendous pots from the greatest ever snooker player hendry,especially the last black.

  9. Who is the referee?

  10. no use to argue about that. Mandarin, ya, it is a language. But now it has been used as Chinese language too.

    In US, people will said “Do you know how to speak Chinese?” Both of the term has been used as a definition of language spoken by Chinese.

    I’m Chinese too. 🙂

  11. I got exactly what you meant which is why I said what I said, fool.

  12. You didnt get what I mean. Yep your point exactly. lol

  13. My point exactly.

  14. Why would YOU want to learn English before I learn anything? LOL

  15. I would learn to speak English before you try and learn another language.

  16. Den y izzit dat u couldnt understand wad the commentator said??? wad i typed was wad he said exactly…. weird….

  17. I’m also Chinese, and yes Chinese is also a language.

  18. haha… chinese is a nationality or a race, mandarin is a language, they are chinese, speaking mandarin, thats the difference, btw im chinese…lol

  19. Lol, Mandarin is Chinese you fool. Guess you don’t know much about Chinese culture either.

  20. haha nope… that wasnt wad he said lol…r u sure u noe mandarin? some1 who genuinely knows mandarin pls confirm that. btw the language is mandarin, not chinese.

  21. Somebody can’t understand Chinese. He said that Stephen needs to win the world title 3 times to break davis’s record.

  22. 1.16 stupid commentator said hendry had 71 world championship titles, behind davis 73 times… wtf is he talking abt…stupid idiot.

  23. Ronnie O`Sullivan is for me the best Snookerplayer ever,but Stephen Hendry is good

  24. Von wegen der Ronnie ist noch viel besser

  25. Greatest snooker player that ever lived.

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