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Snooker – Alex Higgins 69 break 1982

By • Aug 31st, 2008 • Category: Snooker Videos

Alex Higgins clears up to take his 1982 world championship semi final against Jimmy White to a deciding frame. One of the best pressure breaks of all time.
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  1. Yes, he made that hard, but still..very amazing!

  2. he made that hard!

  3. i dont no, hes a great shot maker but position play is terrible. but yes he is a great shot

  4. how he kept this break going i do not know. pure brilliance and a joy to watch

  5. nah i think what makes this shot more special is the circumstances. under immense pressure it is something else that he went for it let alone get it.

  6. They don’t “have” to do anything other than win!

  7. and how about the blue played by Neil in this years world championships

  8. watch the video response

  9. Thats the idea. Had he not been out of position no one would have ever rememebered this break. The shots he played when out of position were amazing taking into account the pressure he was under.

  10. this is not one of the best breaks. Yes it is an amazing break if you take all the long shots

    But the reason he was on the long shots was extremely poor positional play

  11. The blue at 3.00 was unquestionably the finest shot I have ever seen.

    Once again, out of position due to immense pressure, he pulled off a make or break shot with a amazing side to bring the white back against it’s own run…classic Higgins’.

    This win undoubtably denied Jimmy a deserved World Title as I am sure he would have been too hot for Reardon to handle in the final. It changed snooker history as I guess Jimmy would have won a couple of more World’s had this one been under his belt.

  12. Ronnie O’sullivan Best Player Of the world!!:D

  13. Steve Davis and Stephen Hendry are the best players of all time but Alex Higgins and Jimmy White are the greatest players of all time. Who would you rather watch? What Hendry and Davis forgot was that you also have to entertain.

  14. yer i agree but jimmy is a close second

  15. Saying Stephen Hendry isn’t very good today is like saying Sampras isn’t very good today. Father time is the biggest killer of a sportsman’s ability. What matters is consistency, O’Sullivan hasn’t played like that for 4 years. Hendry could play like that for a good 10-15 years consistently.

  16. hendry didnt look very good oday did he, o sullivan greatest of all time

  17. Great performance by him, but you have to admit that the pockets are easier to deal with. That thin cut at 1:03 into the corner with shallow angle is impossible today
    Sure he’s out of shape more than once, but isn’t that because of the old style generous pockets and his drinking habits? His game reminds me very much of my pool-billard after a couple of beers
    Never the less, he is one of Snooker’s finest

  18. a true snooker genius

  19. magnificent

  20. outstanding. enigmatic perhaps, but that is the brilliance of Alex on the table. out of position yet never pondering too long, look at the body extension. nothing robotic about it, human yet immortal. it rivals any other frame as the best ever.

    i agree with all who comment that this semi-final equalizer won the tournament for him.

  21. The worse & the greatest break in one!! Alex out of position throughout but his enigmatic brilliance shown through – outstanding player!!!

  22. u won’t see a better break nowadays on T.V. Why? Its simple because most players dont take shots like that on nowadays, if a player is out of position they will play safe. (most i said remember)

  23. thanks for uploading this video
    but please

  24. as good as it gets

  25. position doesn’t matter so much when the potting is that good…

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