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Snooker Shots Compilation 2

By • Sep 13th, 2008 • Category: Snooker Videos

Thanks for the nice comments on the other videos, this is another compilation for ya, don

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  1. The music fits very well with the video. Well done !

  2. good God!
    Ryan day’s shots were fantastic!
    A bit gutted he can’t conceive like he used to 🙁

  3. Yes, must agree with petematic’s wonderful description of the music too. Nice video though.

  4. i must agree with petematic on the music..

  5. Yes.. nice shots indeed.

    Interesting choice of backround music though..
    Like a fusion of an asian songstress and a pig, being boiled alive.
    No offence.. I’m used to the calming silence when watching snooker.. This made want to do things to myself.

  6. i like the vid but i hate japanese

  7. Nice vids Slug.. I appreciate the hard work u’ve done in all snooker vids.. thanks and keep up the good work.. 😉

  8. Top Snooker!

  9. the music from his first video i think is from dream theater. the song is “solitary shell.” this one is from final fantasy x-2, and the song is “1000 words.” the better version of this song was actually in the game. hope that helps! 😀

  10. where’s the music from? I like it (and the music from your first compilation too)

  11. alright dude, have u got anything of the Shanghai final frame plus Dale speech in English, if so thanks!!


  12. great compilations slug!

    make more ;)!

  13. hey dude thx for the videos plz post shangai masters 2007 matches

  14. In the Doherty – Robinson match.. first one to 3 :S Never seen it that low.

  15. well one can never leave without a comment or perhaps a compliment on your videos mate…great one but the best is yet to come….

  16. Nice one slug 😉

  17. Another great video!!Thanks again.

  18. nice vid. Thanks

  19. hey wonderful compilation slug 😉
    hope you make more of this!

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