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Snooker Shots Compilation 3

By • Oct 21st, 2008 • Category: Snooker Videos

This is the 3rd compilation of snooker shots I put together, for the people who like, this is a big one, enjoy – don

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  1. ANYONE KNOW THE SONG SONG!?? pleasee!!?

  2. Robertson got awesome cue power. Nice vid btw!

  3. thanks, trying to look for the music artist everywhere..thanks.
    do you know the second song of this vdeo though please?

  4. the music of this video is badest music i`ve ever heard,sorry but it is so.

  5. U are soooo right. Crazy rhytmic suff… Love it

  6. I think its Neal Morse, a christian musician. Its for people,they make music themselves. Very rhytmic…

  7. i mean the second song

  8. this is a craking snooker video! love it so much!
    I am currently working on a artistic pool trick shot video and I can’t search for a good song..but this song, PERFECTION!
    Please could you give me the song name because I can’t find it nowhere 🙁

    I would be veeeerrryyy greatful 🙂

  9. thanks for the nice compilations!!

  10. 400 points no reply against ronnie o’sullivan is not a minor thing.WELL DONE No1 Higgins!

  11. hey! good job with those compilations! cool stuff

  12. wow you must be a fucking demon bitch. its not great music but its fine. Your a fuck.

    fuck you

  13. ur videos r very good.put some stphen hendry stuff.

  14. Alex Higgins compilation would be better, i think so

  15. your videos are great!

  16. wow, truly awful taste in music. you are a terrible christian for subjecting your fellow man to such dull, talentless music. please try to consider what jesus would do next time you make a video because i’m sure he wouldnt want innocent poeple’s ears bleeding onto their newly laundered shirts.

    fuck you

  17. neil robertsons my fav player!! hes 1 of the most EXCITININGEST players in the game. wer u on drugs when u wrote he was boring lol

  18. robertsons not boring hes fuckin quality

  19. Beautiful stuff; I did, however, find the music level just a touch loud on this one. Nice, but, I like to hear the balls colliding more so than the music. Just my opinion, loved it all the same, great work

  20. Great vid really I enjoy…you did hard work on that video thank you .

  21. Ronnie once was playing a game, he needed 3 snookers in the final frame, all was left was the pink & the black and he got them
    I wanna see that.. imagin it

  22. your mother is fucking boring during sex

  23. nice video man. Where did u get all the footage from?

  24. Too much robertson shots on your videos. Come on he is fucking boring.

  25. 2:08 – best shot i’ve ever seen, michael holt is crazy!!! great vid!!

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