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Top 10 Shots Of The World Championship Snooker 2008

By • Aug 31st, 2008 • Category: Snooker Videos

Top 10 Shots Of The World Championship Snooker 2008 and the winner of shot of the championships
The music is from sam sparrow and the song is called black and gold.

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  1. joe perrys shot is also good but robertsons shot was a magic really looks impossible

  2. Joe Perry’s shot is the pick of the bunch. Freaking excellent.

  3. Agreed after the 06 season I didn’t think he would be beaten when he was in that form. He beat O’Sullivan 5-1 at one point. He barely ever missed back then

  4. But of course, the circumstances were quite different when Alex higgins made that pot in 82 semi final, which is why that was the best shot ever

  5. u obviousy never saw higgins

  6. black n gold,black n gold,black n gold,black n gold………

  7. Snookered himself on the red from the blue?not sure if the red pots but nothing in the way of him hitting the red?

  8. Why is Robertson’s shot even on this list? I mean he was a fuckload of frames behind, he even snookered himself after potting the blue so he just shot this randomly. Why is it a big pot? Answer: It’s not.

  9. I think I remember Robertsons Rocket 2006,long shot deep screw on a pink,he’s good for the game…like to see him get to atleast the semi’s 2009 wsc.

  10. in my opinion niel robertsonhas had it 3 years in a row. 2006 robertsons rocket 2007 he got the shot of the c hampionship with an amazing screw shot. 2008 alex higgins copy but amazing

  11. Hendry’s is a good pot but very average up against the rest

  12. Yes Robetson’s shot is a real humdinger,very simular to a blue Alex higgins potted and deep screwed same pocket,in his famous 69 clearance against Jimmy White 82 semi’s.

  13. robertson’s is the best by far

  14. liang!!! ???

  15. robertson amazing

  16. artist:sam sparro
    song:black and gold

  17. Stevens’s pot was great with a nice run-through, but it suffers from ‘Not Special Enough’ Syndrome. There’s always one. All great shots though, as always with these contests.

  18. “black and gold” by Sam Sparro

  19. What’s the Song and who sings it?

    Great Video, excellent!

  20. thnx m8. lets keep up the good work

  21. Thanks alot, you dont know how much I appreciate it.

  22. You can watch most of the snooker tournaments online, as they come live. There are a certain websites you can watch live depending on what tournaments it is. If it was a ranking tournament, it would come online, live. The only 2 non ranking tournament which will come live are: The Masters and Pot Black. Before each tournament, contact me and i will give a website link so you can watch them live.

  23. I live in Ontario, Canada.
    the TV does not show Snooker, how should I watch it? can I watch it over internet?
    help me

  24. i’ve met Jimmy white and Alex Higgins and they were great.

  25. joe perry looks like a fuckin monkey

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