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When Snooker Ruled the World Part 4

By • Sep 21st, 2008 • Category: Snooker Videos

When Snooker Ruled the World. TV documentary looking back at the golden era of the sport during the 1970s and 1980 when players such as Alex “Hurricane” Higgins, Jimmy White and Steve Davis were in their prime.

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  1. i have the DVD of this entire decider frame and i must say when the scores came to 62 – 59it was very exciting even though you know who won it.

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  4. does anybody know what’s the name of the music @ 3:35?

  5. Tomj2110 – nicely put and much appreciated.

  6. I agree with numboss.Please stop all the obscene lauguage and remarks because it isn’t very nice and Snooker is a gentleman’s sport which doesn’t need that kind of lauguage.If your comments have nothing to do with Snooker then don’t write them on here,please.If you don’t like it then please GO AWAY!!!!!!

  7. The 1985 world final was a great match and Dennis took Steve’s breathe away.

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  9. Reading the last (except one) dozen or so comments for this video clip makes me sick.
    Snooker is a gentleman’s game and there is nothing gentle or manly about those comments.
    Please keep your obscene opinions to yourselves.

  10. This famous final frame between Davis and Taylor was a real nailbiter. Talk about playing under pressure. Great to see this bit of snooker history again. I admire all the veterans – Davis, Higgins, Reardon, Taylor, Mountjoy, Thorburn, White, Griffiths, (and others). All of them had different personalities and playing styles. That’s what made snooker the game it is today. Cheers for putting this great series on youtube.

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