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When Snooker Ruled the World Part 6

By • Sep 12th, 2008 • Category: Snooker Videos

When Snooker Ruled the World. TV documentary looking back at the golden era of the sport during the 1970s and 1980 when players such as Alex “Hurricane” Higgins, Jimmy White and Steve Davis were in their prime.

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  1. I agree with Nostix88 to a point, But snooker owes Higgins a debt of gratitude money can’t buy,that he put bottoms on seats and put snooker on the international map without him the Davis, Hendrys and O’sullivans would have probably not be noticed.

  2. Higgins is a bitter twisted Irish drunk! Who hated to lose and when he did he spat his dummy out, threatening and bullying other players and officials totally un-professional. He was a great player but his attitude stunk. Im glad he retired.

  3. johnny vegas is for me a big asshole!!!

  4. size of moblie phone at 7:12

  5. First one is (It’s Gotta Be) Perfect – Fairground Attraction

  6. No he didn’t just piss on the plants did he?

    Headbutting referees OMG – what an idiot.

  7. Great stare Alex gives Taylor at 8:44

  8. What are the 2 songs played during Cliff Thorburns break?

  9. Thank You for posting

  10. Alex Higgins is a livinig legend he had his problems of course but if it wasnt for him snooker would be no where. He is from Northern Ireland which makes it all the sweeter and the media made up some amount of bollocks and di not help his problems

  11. Higgins was sor looser and a lot of other things,he was also a naturally gifted player who brought snooker to new hights,left to John Spencer and Reardon snooker would still be where it was in th 60’s ..nowhere.

  12. the end???? dont be too sure!!!!

  13. thankyou for uploading,this is a great programme,does’nt miss a single detail.

  14. nice upload!!!

  15. although he was good, i think alex is a bit of a sor looser who had excuses and was at the end pathetic

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