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How To Learn One and Two Rail Pathways.

By • Feb 25th, 2019 • Category: Billiard Drills, Billiard Tips, Uncategorized

A drill to practice one and two rail pathways. The idea is to pocket the object ball and make the cueball travel through the gates.

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  1. I have just begun to practice alone today. And now you makeing me angry because I don’t have pool table of my one!!! :(((

  2. Excellent video. Thank you for doing your part to making the Internet a fun and useful place!

  3. excellent video, thanks for your explanations and the whole effort you put into making all the vids

  4. regoConker:

    that table looks to be a full 8 foot pool table, and as far as the 8 ball question, when the 8 ball is hit in as a foul and not the winning shot the player who hits the 8 ball in looses the match. there are no redo’s and the 8 ball is not replaced anywhere on the table.

  5. 2 questions:
    is that a 5 or 6 ft table
    when the 8ball falls into a the hole (at 8ball) then its a foul, but where will the 8ball be placed than???
    pls answer thx

  6. Forcefollow makes great videos that have helped make me a better pool player. . . please click on the ad next to the video to support him like i do!

  7. I recommend starting with a cocktail napkin unfolded…. once you can hit that 5 times in a row … move to cocktail napkin folded… once you can nail that 5 times in a row… then go to the business card..

    progressive practice.. it worked for me…

    good stuff FF

  8. really good shit

  9. sure man, this really helps! your vids are very good and helpful. for how long have you been practising pool?

  10. great basics for pool players. thanks a lot

    sometime would you please demonstrate a couple of bank shots?

  11. I do not practice trick shots.

  12. I’ve commented on a couple of your vids now, but I would like to now take the time to thank you for posting these. Your advice has helped me alot in my game, as well as made me realize that some of my fundamentals were “off”. =) By the way, do you practice trick shots?

  13. I’ve enjoyed all your videos. I’ve been playing for about 3 or 4 years seriously and it still doesn’t hurt to watch someone else show you the basics.

  14. It might as well be random. Because the number of pathways are infinite.

  15. good video, I’d like to see how you go about creating different pathways. Is it pretty random?

  16. new glasses?

  17. Same idea! Great..

  18. thanks, enjoy your videos!! wish the audio was a lil better, but other than that excellent job

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