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IPT 2006 Reno – Final – R. Morris vs Efren Reyes ( FINAL )

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NO SOUND – IPT 2006 North American Open 8-Ball Championship Reno – R. Morris vs Efren Reyes ( EFREN CELEBRATION )

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  1. Hes so good yet so humble, He’s one of the nicest players at this sport. I think that’s why he’s so much idolized by generations of pool players here in the philippines.

  2. very nice =)

    does anyone want to chat? Ni

  3. yes what a great player :-)) I love to play with him its amazing man and friendly 🙂

    sir john

  4. A cue for only 13$ ?! he is a millionaire, but it shows that you can win a championship with a normaly cue.

  5. ahahahahahahah!!!!!!!!!!! cue makers are offering reyes a $3,000-4,000 cue, but Efren prefer using a $13 dollar cue!!!!!looooooool…wat a funny man. efren is always the man. Father of all pool. WHO? efren baby!..A funny honest entertaining simple guy = efren reyes..wOhOoooooo!!
    the best there was, the best there is, the best there ever will be.

    He’s one in a billion. PRICELESS

  6. nobody plays his sport any better than efren reyes plays his!

  7. I’m not sure he was ever actually paid.

  8. Gotta love that smile.

  9.’s worth USD500K

  10. is this the $500,000 game?

  11. whoa thats a whole lot of cash!!! : )

  12. do you see? efren always wins, world ranking is fuck up.

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