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IPT 2006 Reno – Final – R. Morris vs Efren Reyes ( Game 1 )

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NO SOUND – IPT 2006 North American Open 8-Ball Championship Reno – R. Morris vs Efren Reyes ( Game 1 )

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  1. i luf u

    how did they do that x9

  2. The IPA would you there own cloths, which were slow and they would you rules to make the game harder to break and run.

  3. WaveoutSelec

  4. its a matter of technic. these guys are not just training they are making their style perfect.

  5. No you are right. This isn’t fast cloth…its very very slow old style nap cloth. IPT tables are the original professional tables with slow cloth and tiny pockets and one piece slate….wish I could afford to buy one!

  6. How can these guys so rarely miss like that???? I played every night for months/years and never even got to the point where I could run out from my own break more than once a week!!!!!!!!!!!! How How How?

  7. Why does the IPT like 8ball when it comes to the big purse not the 9ball?

  8. Really? I could’ve sworn they use something slower. Well I’ll be.

  9. I beg to differ. 8-ball and 9-ball are both played on the exact same tables with the exact same cloth. There is no difference between a table set up for 8-ball play or 9-ball play. Both games are generally played on Simonis 860 cloth, the official cloth of professional pool and billiards.

  10. I beg to differ, since 8-ball cloth is usually quite slower than 9-ball cloth, so a slight miscalculation tends to be absorbed by friction. Of course, that means you tend to hit balls harder and then you’ll make mistakes.

  11. Watch Efren at the U.S. Open 9-Ball Championship LIVE October 14-20, 2007 @ BilliardClub dot net. Stay tuned for more details.

  12. The American style of shooter tends to rely more on other balls as a stopping force, as in Morris’ position shot for the eight ball. Reye’s tends to lie solely on ball speed, which is a bit more dangerous. A slight miscalculation on ball spin or speed can get you into a world of trouble.

  13. You can really tell the difference in style of the American vs. the Phillipino style. Both effective, both dangerous, both impressive. Neither style is superior to the other, just subtle differences. Of course I shoot the quicker American style, but I like the razor sharp precision of the phillipino style.

  14. well he made it pretty clear in the description that none of these vids had sound…

  15. Personally I hated the whole IPT WWF thing so I didn’t miss the sound.

  16. efren = l33t

  17. pas de son >< =(

  18. Dude, where’s the sound? Huhu I missed this and I wanna hear them all in awe of Efren… Pleaseeeee…. Post one with sound.

  19. NO SOUND!! :”(

  20. ang again mates, that sound 🙂

  21. the sound!!

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