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IPT 2006 Reno – Final – R. Morris vs Efren Reyes ( Game 14 )

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NO SOUND – IPT 2006 North American Open 8-Ball Championship Reno – R. Morris vs Efren Reyes ( Game 14 )

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  1. Professionals don’t worry about making the ball, positioning, safety, and mind, are the things you must master to become a real pro. making the ball is just a way to get the cue ball to the next position, not making the ball and then make the position

  2. efren used left and right hand without any
    difficulties… amazing! i’ve seen him in kuala
    lumpur during san miguel 9 ball tour.


  4. nope ipt is broke.. i think he hasnt even received the half of it

  5. I have heard this Efren before and I recently watcehd several videos of him. Forget about being accurate shooter, the man is excellent at positioning that cue ball. Amazing.

  6. you have to imagine the sound.

  7. Efren “BATA” you rock the pool…you’re the MAN

  8. just play winamp in bg like me bro

  9. This is dee “M A N” your momma warned you about.He-he ….. your worst nightmare …. the magician …. the “Michael Jordan” of POOL.

  10. but this IPT (International Pool Tour) They didnt pay the whole purse.Lot of players are mad and angry on this tournament. mostly we filipino players are very2 disappointed.IPT paying us like a Loan.We receive every month on our bank acount more than 700 to $1200. but other filipino are not receiving every month. Like Reyes , Manalo , Dennis and Francisco. We players are wondering now ” are they gonna pay our Prize Money or not ? “

  11. Morris still has to eat a lot of rice, maybe 1,000 sacks…and still it won’t be enough. Nothing compares really.

  12. you suckkk dude, how can you record without audio..couldve at least just added some background music

  13. man he thinks so much ahead, and he pwnd morris

  14. thats a filipino talent!!!!!!!

  15. i didn’t know of him until tonight, i thought that in tournaments people wouldn’t dare play like they do with their friends because they only wanted to make sure they’d win but after seeing this man playing, i’m completely amazed!, he’s amazing! it seems like he’s playing just for fun, not for money, titles, fame or all that stuff, just for the game! he’s awesome

  16. Did Efren already receive the whole purse?

  17. Watch Efren Reyes at the U.S. Open 9-Ball Championship LIVE October 14-20, 2007 @ BilliardClub dot net. Stay tuned for more details.

  18. that one ball shot to get on the eight almost cost him. If he would have rolled just a small bit further he would have been snookered behind Morris’ ball. Tense moment. haha

  19. haha. I’d love to play one these guys. I’m sure I’ll be taking a few lessons, but I’d still challenge. No high stakes, of course. lol

  20. I hate 8-ball, but i still play it. I chalenge Efren Reyes in 9-ball!

  21. That’s what makes him the greatest. Not too many people can do that consistently

  22. Did you see how he used his left on the combination?

  23. Hell, yeah! Amazing how he’s always winning the big money tournaments. The other guys don’t have the skills to keep up with him even though they say he’s getting old. He revoulutionized the game in my opinion.

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