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IPT 2006 Reno – Final – R. Morris vs Efren Reyes ( Game 2 )

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NO SOUND – IPT 2006 North American Open 8-Ball Championship Reno – R. Morris vs Efren Reyes ( Game 2 )

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  1. And Strickland’s got a nasty attitude!

  2. Pool and snooker may have so many similarities, but still theyre two different sport. I watch both snooker and pool and i could tell you i am a fan of both o’sullivan and efren reyes. they both taken their game into new heights.

  3. American’s hassle snooker because it’s a gentlemen’s sport and they aren’t gentlemen. The English hassle pool because they’re too stubborn to accept anything being better than something they invented.

    The hilarious thing is that American’s are arrogant because they were once British. Who were (and still are) pompous.

    I can say this ‘cos I’m from New Zealand. It’s like hassling your mum and your older brother that got kicked out of home when he was 16.

    Love to all =D

  4. IM BOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooOoOoored!!!

    HAHAH WHAT MSG me on M.S.N. GG

  5. when I see some comments like this saying snooker is a harder game, straight away I know that you aren’t good at either of the game … a decent pool player can easily make 40 50 breaks on snooker. even O’soulliven can’t run a few racks in a row on pool, it’s not about how big or small the pocket, making the object is just the way to get to the next position, both for pool and snooker…

  6. Hey man, u can see O’sullivan or Davis playing pool, an with ur judgement he would have won all the tourneys he’s played an he’s not. Snooker is technic perfection, pool is art.

  7. i am sorry man i play both and have had a few 100 runs in snooker,,, i can say snooker is hard but not as hard as the mind games and cueball control needed in pool,,, in snooker you will aways get a chance at the table, in pool the guy can run 9 racks and out on you without you even haveing the chance to make a mistake, that puts a lot of pressure on you.

    and when your playing for $500000 its a hard game!

  8. pool players would be lose, if they play snooker because its more difficult then pool. pool is very easy and everbody can play it. snooker is a gentlemen sport

  9. yes he did. Last year he won a major one pocket tournoment, final was versus Larry. check it out. but you have a point too. I do love both players, but i’m an earl fan. and for me, earl is the best all around player.

  10. Earl may have won more 9 ball championships than Efren, but I haven’t ever heard of Earl winning any one pocket, bank pool, 8 ball, three cushion, or rotation pool tournaments. Efren is pretty good at snooker too. Efren is the best all around player.

  11. no no no no, snooker is a fuckin boring game. red, black, red, black. hey very predictable…WANK FACE

  12. hey! d reason y pool players dont make it the finals s because snooker s a “damn fuckin boring game”.n no pro player wud waste their time to play it in d 1st place.sullivan went 2d US to play 9 ball. he said its a game with more imagination. ive seen snooker players joining the 9 ball tournament…but i havent seen a pool player going 4 the snooker. it just prove that pools better.snooker…red, black,red black…lacking imagination.nyway, dis s a pool vid,shouldn’t u b watching a snooker vid.

  13. the “color of money” held in hong kong were both players, earl n efren were in their prime. 1 on 1, just the 2 of them, no holds barred game race to 120, shows that efren is a better player during that prime. u can’t fluke your way to winning a 120 race. n take the words of the pro players who played against him…he’s the best.

  14. that was b4 mate,earl won just in united states,then claim the word (WORLD)!where talking right now about whole wide world not just in U.S.if i were you u shut the fuck up,this is big boys talking now!

  15. yea, Strickland’s won more championships and titles than efren has, but I just don’t think Strickland’s playing as well as he had been…mainly cuz his temper gets to him a lot of times, and he just throws the match away…
    Right now, I think Efren is the better player, despite Strickland’s better record.

  16. yea i meant championships thanks for correcting that. and yes efren won two championships? Well guess what buddy, strickland won 4 world champions and 5 us opens. he’s clearly better then efren in miles. go read some history about pool before posting

  17. for one efren is the best player ever and two champions ships.. ive never heard of dont you mean championships?.. efren is better.

  18. efren is ok, but strickland is the best in terms of all, he won the most champions ships too. we talk about his playing ofcourse, dont talk about his comments/acts tho

  19. ahahahahahahah!!!!!!!!!!! cue makers are offering reyes a $3,000-4,000 cue, but Efren prefer using a $13 dollar cue!!!!!looooooool…wat a funny man. efren is always the man. Father of all pool. WHO? efren baby!..A funny honest entertaining simple guy = efren reyes..wOhOoooooo!!
    the best there was, the best there is, the best there ever will be.

    He’s one in a billion. PRICELESS

  20. and no sound to this one either!! Grrr

  21. did either man every get paid?

  22. efren bata reyes is the king go bata go legend

  23. testing…

  24. 500,000$ (US)

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