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Snooker Matthew Stevens v Paul Hunter 2004 Final Frame

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Matthew Stevens fought back from a seemingly hopeless position to edge out Paul Hunter 13-12 at The Crucible.

Stevens, who began the session 10-6 behind, took all four of the opening frames to level after an inspired run with breaks of 58, 53, 64 and 73.

Hunter went 12-10 up but let Stevens back in with a missed match-ball pink in the 23rd.

The ninth seed cleared up to narrow the gap, forced a decider and edged a nail-biting decider on the pink.

Stevens was delighted with victory over his close friend but admitted his heart was in his mouth during a thrilling final frame.

“I played four perfect frames at the start, but then Paul came back well and I had to dig deep,” said Stevens.

“It was an unbelievable end. We were both going for shots and missing – it was like the Davis and Taylor final.

“I think Paul is one the top two players in the world – he was the man to beat at this tournament.”

A disappointed Hunter reiterated his desire to become world champion.

“You’ve got to believe in yourself in this game and I do – before the end of my career I will definitely be lifting that silver trophy,” said Hunter.

“I was trying my hardest but I suppose the pressure did get to me a bit.

“He was a bit lucky, but that’s snooker and it’s not the end of the world.”


Second-round result (best of 25 frames):
M Stevens (Wal) 13-12 P Hunter (Eng)

109-21 (109), 58-67, 65-70 (65 Stevens), 47-83 (70), 89-0 (89), 62-45, 55-43, 2-85, 113-0 (113), 18-54, 26-105 (67), 57-43, 5-66, 0-125 (125), 1-85, 41-82, 73-37 (58), 91-0 (53), 80-42 (64), 77-0 (73), 0-81, 24-106 (99), 58-50, 61-31, 63-50

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  1. Ray Edmonds, he should still be there, fantastic commentator.

  2. somebody pot the bloody blue. tense…..

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  10. Who is the second commentator (apart from John Virgo)

  11. paul hunter’s highest break was 146 and Matthew’s highest break is 145

  12. have abit of respect

  13. did he ever play a maximum? couldnt find one on here so far.
    dont get me wrong hes been a gr8 player anyway! I just wanted to know.

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  16. David Beckham is good too. Nobody can cross like him and take free kick like him. His only mistake was that he left Man Utd.

  17. I miss the lad – he gave the David Beckham glam factor to snooker – only difference is, Mr Hunter was good at his sport.

  18. I miss you so much…

  19. How he died?

  20. it not because he pass away im saying this now, he was a future champ to me. The way he played ronnie in one of the master finals, was unbelievable. The safety, breakbuilding and his bottle… world class

  21. Come on Matthew

  22. Amazing Paul HUNTER

  23. I’m sorry…but can you racconter me how die Paul Hunter because i didn’t know it ? thnx.

  24. Hunter won 3 times Masters, so he is some kind of legend

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